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  • 2001
  • 1 Season

He's finally popped the big question and you've set a date. They say it's the biggest day of your life but once the romantic elation of the proposal begins to fade away, the realization that weddings are logistical nightmares begins to set in. What you need is someone to keep you calm and turn your dreams into a reality. You need a Wedding Planner.

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20. Victorian
January 1, 2001
Graham and Rachel have been together for the last 7 years. Ever since Rachel's grandma gave her a Victorian style tray she's had a passion for that era and has decided to include as many Victorian artefacts on the wedding day as possible. To help them achieve this Victorian look they call on the services of friend and wedding planner Jackie Atkinson.
Red & Gold
19. Red & Gold
January 1, 2001
In six weeks, Nicky and James are getting married in a red and gold themed wedding. Everything from the bride's dress to the table settings are in these colors. To carry through the theme, goldfish have been chosen to swim in vases with flowers at the centre of the tables.
Rock n' Roll
18. Rock n' Roll
January 1, 2001
Musicians Belle and Richard live in London and are having a a low-budget, low-key wedding. Though doing most of the planning themselves, wedding planner Charlotte is there to help with some finer details.
17. Irish
January 1, 2001
Una Touhy and Shaun Sweeney's Irish Catholic wedding is set to be a big budget affair, so they've enlisted the help of American trained Tara Fay, of Xena Productions, to help with the planning. They have decided to have it at Kilkea Castle in Castledermot. With 40 of their 110 guests coming from New York, it is the perfect setting for their wedding.
16. Medieval
January 1, 2001
One year ago, Anna and Andy fell in love at first sight. Now, they've searched the internet and have found the country's most unusual planner. Val, otherwise known as Princess Valeria of the Kingdom of Fantasia, organizes themed weddings with a fantasy feel. Anna and Andy decide to have a medieval wedding at Bolton castle in Yorkshire.
15. Turkish
January 1, 2001
Alpay and Funda met each other at Alpay's cousins wedding, and after being introduced by their families, they never looked back. They decide to have a lavish, extravagant wedding costing
14. Muslim
January 1, 2001
Shazia and Tariq's arranged marriage took place seven months after their engagement. We will follow two of the ceremonies involved in a Muslim wedding, the henna ceremony, or Mehndi and the wedding day itself.
13. Welsh
January 1, 2001
Almost five years after they first started dating, Nicola Burrows and Darryl Evans from are getting married. They seem to have done everything in reverse order, having a child and buying a house before getting married. Now they are getting married in a service at their local church of Kerlen St. Caddocks, followed by a reception at the prestigious Celtic manor resort
12. Gran
January 1, 2001
Childhood sweethearts Vanessa and Danny have decided to backpack around Europe for three months, leaving all the wedding details to their parents. When they return, will everything in place?
Two Year
11. Two Year
January 1, 2001
Louise and Jamie are getting married exactly 2 years to the day that they met and they've hired wedding planner Jane Dayus-hinch to organize their day. One of the most organized brides, Louise is often more organized than the planner but Jane considers her way to always be the right way. At first, all seems well but it's not long before personalities begin to clash.
10. Tuscan
January 1, 2001
Simon and Denise have decided to get married in Tuscany, for their love of Italy and to avoid the English weather. The couple has entrusted Tuscan specialist wedding planner, Helen, to organize their big day.
9. Humanist
January 1, 2001
Money is a major problem for Emma and Steve. Luck came their way, though, when they won a Living TV competition for the services of wedding planner Charlotte Nickolds Smith. Now, she's only got 14 days and very little money to work with. To make matters worse Emma and Steve are determined on having a Humanist wedding, involving two ceremonies and two meals.
8. Tepee
January 1, 2001
Brian and Natalie are hippies from Cornwall who have a passion for all things American Indian but in true hippy style, it's hard to get things planned and moving. In Amerindian weddings, the couple lives in a teepee for one week and the husband embarks on a vision quest. Luckily after months of hunting they tracked down Jeff and Andy to help them plan their dream wedding.
Silver & Lilac
7. Silver & Lilac
January 1, 2001
Following an on-off four-year relationship, Paul and Patricia have decided to commit and get married. Working full time and having children from previous relationships, they don't have much time plan their silver & lilac themed wedding. One of Britain's most experienced wedding planners takes them in hand but is shocked by their lack of preparations.
6. Clubbers
January 1, 2001
Only five weeks away, Stephanie and Jay's wedding day is creeping up and they haven't done a thing to organize it. They call in the wedding planning services of Matrimony, run by twins Kim and Zoe Goodman, to save the day.
5. Blue
January 1, 2001
Becky and John, from Sutton Coldfield, are having a wedding with a color code, with the guests in blue or gold. Wedding planner, Jackie, has a very hard job on her hands as she works to create a fairytale wedding.
4. Dundas
January 1, 2001
Together for 10 years, Sandra and Dale live in Southend with their two young boys. They decided to treat their friends, families and children to a
3. Football
January 1, 2001
Brad Fiedel is a premier league footballer for Blackburn Rovers. He and his fianc
2. Popstars
January 1, 2001
Tribute artists Darren and Tania are getting married in two weeks. The reception is to be held on a Thames Cruise boat and the party theme is, of course, Popstars. Tania's mom, Elaine, has been on holiday in the Costa del Sol, and in her absence the wedding plans have fallen apart. Darren and Tania call in the services of wedding planner Sue Corrence to pull the day together for them.
1. Awesome
January 1, 2001
Londoners David and Caroline's dream is to be married on the West Coast of Scotland, in a castle in the middle of the remote Lochawe. They have hired Scottish wedding coordinator Jennie Sheddon to create the ultimate romantic wedding. Guests will be flying in from all over the world for the three-day event but despite their ruthless planning, one thing they can't control is the weather.

He's finally popped the big question and you've set a date. They say it's the biggest day of your life but once the romantic elation of the proposal begins to fade away, the realization that weddings are logistical nightmares begins to set in. What you need is someone to keep you calm and turn your dreams into a reality. You need a Wedding Planner.

  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2001