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This iconic British TV series centers on the drama in a rural Derbyshire general practice. Peak Practice is a series that is currently running and has 12 seasons (152 episodes). The series first aired on May 10, 1993.Where do I stream Peak Practice online? Peak Practice is available for streaming on FilmRise, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Peak Practice on demand at Vudu, The Roku Channel Free, Tubi TV, Pluto TV online.

12 Seasons, 152 Episodes
May 10, 1993
Cast: Simon Shepherd, Amanda Burton
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Peak Practice Full Episode Guide

  • It's the day of Tom and Alex's wedding, but many twists are waiting for the couple as they prepare. The biggest threat of all is the return of Claire, who is destined to seek her revenge.

  • Shaun's attempts to attract Kerri have disastrous consequences, Alex has a proposal for Tom, and it's time for Will and Kate to make some important decisions about their future.

  • Will is horrified when Claire upsets Charlie and moves into their home. However, his rejection of her proves dangerous as she takes revenge in a horrific way.

  • Will offers Charlie advice and guidance in a delicate situation. Meanwhile, Claire is on hand to comfort Will when he discovers Kate's liaison with James.

  • Kate's initial rejection of James crumbles when Will pushes her away once again. Meanwhile, secrets are exposed as Claire tells Alex about her kiss with Tom.

  • Kate has an idea to pull Will out of his depression, Tom throws away the medical rule book to help catch Leanne's attacker and James attempts to take things a step further with Kate.

  • Leanne is the victim of a horrific attack. Meanwhile, the extent of Will's depression is uncovered when he fails to act during a medical emergency.

  • Alex and Claire are forced to relive their time spent in the military when they witness an Army helicopter crash. The scenes of destruction lead Claire to reveal some hidden secrets to Alex.

  • Trainee Dr. Matt Kendal arrives and instantly makes an impression on Cardale by pronouncing one of its oldest residents dead.

  • Claire exacts a vindictive revenge when she is accused of stealing from a patient. Tom and Alex discuss their future together whilst Will sinks further into his depression.

  • A bitter row develops between Will and Kate when they clash over a patient and struggle to deal with the aftermath of Tony. Cardale becomes victim to an epidemic and Claire shows her true colors.

  • More trouble for Will and Kate as secrets about Tony's life are revealed. The new pub landlord sparks different reactions and Claire gets too close to comfort for Tom.

  • New faces in Cardale. How will Alex's military pal Claire and Will's son Tony make their mark on Cardale? Has Alex recovered from her operation, and have Will and Kate settled back into married life?

  • Tom travels to York to find Alex, but she continues to push him away. Meanwhile, Will and Kate work hard to stop their jobs interfering with their relationship.

  • As news of Alex's illness spreads, Tom finds it increasingly hard to convince her to follow her consultant's advice. Will the pressure from friends and colleagues force her to seek solace elsewhere?

  • Will faces a tough time when his actions are blamed for a patient's death. Alex fears she has the same illness that killed her mother, but she refuses to let her friends help her.

  • Alex's birthday and a visit from her dad resurface some painful memories from the past. Meanwhile, is Billy taking Alice for a mug or is he really very fond of her?

  • Whilst Will and Kate settle back into married life, Tom and Alex clash over a patient's delicate situation. Meanwhile, Alice comes to the rescue of old friend Billy when his health begins to fail him.

  • Will offers Kate a place to stay when her house is flooded. Being so close to her again makes Will realise that he is still in love with her, but does Kate feel the same?

  • A charity ball held by the local mayor unites Will, Kate, Tom and Alex. As relations thaw between Will and Kate, is there a chance he could be having second thoughts about their impending divorce?

  • As the anniversary of Emily's death approaches, Will and Kate are forced to face some past demons. Meanwhile, Tom gets a new neighbour who is a little more friendly then he'd like.

  • Alex becomes unsettled at the practice when she continuously falls out with Will and Tom. Elsewhere, can Kerri's friends help her to recover from the mess Sam has left behind?

  • The situation between Tom and Alex comes to a head when Tom and Mark clash over a patient. As Sam and Kerri's wedding day approaches, Sam's secret is discovered.

  • Nick risks his health to pursue his cycling career, whilst Sam gets himself into deeper trouble to pay for Kerri's physio and their impending wedding.

  • Bridget oversteps the mark when she gets too close to a patient. Tom and Alex brush off their last kiss, however Tom's feelings may be revealed as Alex goes on a date with a GP from a rival practice.

  • Determined to save her marriage, Kate tries her hardest to get through to Will, but how will he react when he finds her move to Cardale is a permanent one?

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