True Ghost Stories

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A selection of real true ghost stories, real life paranormal encounters, interviews and ghost investigations by conducted by paranormal magazine.

Paranormal Magazine - Ghosts Of Britain
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
Cast: Lee Steer, Charlene Lowe Kemp

True Ghost Stories Full Episode Guide

  • A short documentary on poltergeists, are poltergeists real, presented by shadow paranormal.

  • Lee and John head to the historic village of wentworth for an adventure, showing you around the area as well as exploring the paranormal goings on, it isnt long until they start getting strange messages which indicate they may be getting followed.

  • Watch an amazing spirit communication experiment which will blow your mind along with something captured unexpected during the session, also charlene shares her top 5 most haunted locations within UK.

  • Ever heard of the witches prison in essex? and the worlds most alleged haunted picture. enjoy our first episode of season two two great haunting's in one show.

  • A woman's dream home turned into a living nightmare when she bought what she believed to be her dream home, later she discovered a grim past of witches and haunting's which would terrify her out of the house.

  • A rare new box arrives into the haunted objects museum within UK for the team to study this box is believed to be something special, the origins of this box is somewhat a mystery, but what we do know is that it is believed to hold a spirit is this spirit a demon? here is the paranormal reports of what has been happening so far.

  • Dave Barrett of project paranormal does a roadshow of 3 locations situated in Glasgow in Scotland, giving the history and some of the haunting's alleged to be within these buildings. Here is the grim haunting's ghost stories of Scotland

  • Skeptic paranormal investigator lee steer acquires a new alleged haunted item and when he gets home his devils box starts to react, with strange markings appearing within it, He then attempts to use ITC device to communicate with what ever did the markings.

  • Ghost Tales 2 is located in York for today's paranormal road show going to as many haunted places within the town telling you its history and reported haunting's and ghost sightings.

  • A ghost tale and paranormal investigation by project paranormal at applebank inn located in Scotland, The team encounter all kinds of strange bizarre active on the night, are the walls alive tonight?

  • A spooky documentary about the chair of death, people who sit in this chair have reported to die shortly after, the team head to get the true story revolving this truly spooky chair of death.