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  • 2016
  • 1 Season

Us the Series is a television show produced by Proven Entertainment, that premiered on June 12, 2021. The series is a family drama about a married couple whose relationship is tested when they embark on a cross-country road trip with their teenage daughter. The show is based on the novel Us by David Nicholls, which was published in 2014.

Tom Hollander plays the role of Douglas Petersen, a biochemist who is quite introverted and is not good at expressing his feelings. He's married to Connie Petersen, played by Saskia Reeves. Connie is an artist who's free-spirited and outgoing. They have a teenage son named Albie, played by Tom Taylor, who is going off to college soon. Just before Albie goes off to college, Connie tells Douglas that she's not sure if she wants to stay with him, which throws Douglas into a tailspin.

At the suggestion of Albie, the family goes on a European tour together. While on the tour, Connie tells Douglas that she's having an affair with a man named Jack, played by Iain De Caestecker. This news breaks Douglas and sends him into a contemplative and reflective state. Douglas decides that he wants to go on a road trip with his wife and his daughter to spend time with them and rekindle the romance with his wife. He hopes that this will help them to grow closer and fix their marriage.

As the family embarks on their road trip, they face many challenges and adventures along the way. They encounter different types of people and scenery that add to their trip's excitement. In addition to visiting tourist sites, museums, and landmarks, they also explore their family history and discover facts about themselves they were not aware of.

Throughout the show, the audience gets to see the family grow in ways that they weren't expecting. The road trip allows them to confront their issues and work through them, developing better communication and understanding. The cinematography is breathtaking, and the actors' performances are incredibly emotive and realistic, capturing the characters' struggles, joys, and triumphs.

Us the Series is an emotional and heartfelt family drama that focuses on the relationships between family members. This show is perfect for fans of drama and romance, and anyone who enjoys exploring the complexities of relationships.

The show's soundtrack is evocative, and the scenes beautifully shot, capturing the beauty of the backdrop while engaging the audience in the character's lives. The series is an exploration of marriage, relationships, love, and family dynamics. It is presented in a way that is relatable and authentic, and the characters are well-developed and intriguing.

One of the show's main themes is the importance of communication in a relationship. The Petersen family's struggle to communicate their feelings leads to misunderstandings and tension, but over the course of the trip, they learn how to communicate openly and honestly, realizing that it's essential in preserving their relationships.

Another theme that's explored in the show is the importance of family history. As the family embarks on their trip, they revisit some of Douglas's memories of his childhood, unearthing the truths that were kept hidden from him. They also revisit Connie's new life, which she has kept guarded from her family. Over time, all of them learn something about themselves, which brings them closer as a family.

In conclusion, Us the Series is a must-watch for fans of quality family drama. It's beautifully produced and acted, and it tells a heartwarming and emotional story about the intricacies of family relationships. The storyline is unique, exploring themes about marriage, relationships, love, and family dynamics. The message emphasizes the importance of communication and family history in preserving relationships. The beauty of the characters and the backdrop will leave you wanting more at the end of each episode.

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It's Over
8. It's Over
While Owen and Kayley return each other's possessions, the Writers look at how the couple met and what they originally saw in each other. Neither "Dirty Dancing" nor "Carl Malone" escape criticism in this season finale.
The Return of the Red Cups
7. The Return of the Red Cups
The Writers review a previously-seen party, Kayley is approached by an ex, and Owen defines true love. Kayley and Owen conclude they are incompatible.
Pizzas and Exes
6. Pizzas and Exes
Life styles and life expectancies drive a wedge between Owen and Kayley. The Writers review an earlier date, where Kayley experiences greasy pizza and so much more.
5. Vacation
Kayley prepares for an extended vacation, prompting more sparring with Owen-who has more than one bone to pick with New Zealand.
A Love Unshared
4. A Love Unshared
Terrible birthday presents and video games are not enough to completely separate Owen and Kayley in a previous fight, but current deep unreciprocated feelings just may be.
The First I Love You
3. The First I Love You
Kayley and Owen discuss the absence of love in their lives, inspiring memories of the first time somebody said "I love you"-among other romantic history revelations.
Date Number One
2. Date Number One
In a flashback to earlier days, Kayley and Owen go on a first date and run into immediate conflicts with alcohol, hiccups, and "some guy." The Writers work to assign blame and place bets on the floundering relationship.
You Started It
1. You Started It
August 24, 2016
Owen and Kayley, a romantically-doomed couple, fear their relationship is stagnating and begin to blame one another. Meanwhile four omniscient "writers" present evidence that all romances are eventually doomed.
  • Premiere Date
    August 24, 2016