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  • 2009
  • 1 Season
  • 7.3  (33)

The Victory Garden is a long-running public television series that was first broadcast in 1975. The series was hosted by James Underwood Crockett, author of the hugely popular gardening book The Victory Garden, and it quickly became one of the most beloved and trusted gardening shows on TV.

The show took its name from the World War II-era program of the same name, which encouraged Americans to grow their own food in order to support the war effort. But The Victory Garden was more than just a gardening show – it was a celebration of the natural world and a reminder that even in the hustle and bustle of modern life, there is still time and space for the simple joys of planting and harvesting.

Each episode of The Victory Garden focused on a particular subject or theme, such as growing vegetables, flowers, or herbs, or dealing with pests and diseases. Crockett would begin the show by introducing the topic, and then he would welcome a guest expert to the studio to discuss the finer points of the subject.

But despite its name, The Victory Garden was not just a show about winning the battle against pests or weeds. It was also a celebration of the joys of gardening – the simple pleasures of tending to a garden, watching plants grow and mature, and harvesting the fruits of one's labor.

Throughout the show's run, Crockett was a constant presence, providing friendly and knowledgeable advice, and sharing his passion for gardening with viewers everywhere. And despite the passing of years and changing gardening trends, his gentle and warm approach to the subject has continued to inspire and delight people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Victory Garden was not only about the practical aspects of gardening, but also about the social and cultural significance of plants and gardens. Each episode featured beautiful photography of gardens and landscapes, as well as interviews with writers, artists, chefs, and other experts who discussed the ways in which gardening and plants have impacted their lives and the world around them.

Over the years, The Victory Garden has featured a wide range of guests, from famous chefs like Julia Child and Jacques Pépin, to gardening experts and hobbyists across the country. The show has also explored the history and culture of gardening, taking viewers on tours of some of the most beautiful gardens and landscapes in the world.

Although the show ended its run in the late 1990s, The Victory Garden remains a beloved and treasured show for many people. Its timeless recipes and timeless advice continue to inspire people to get outside, get their hands dirty, and grow something beautiful and nourishing.

In summary, The Victory Garden is a beloved public television series that inspired generations of gardeners to get their hands dirty and cultivate their own patch of land. Hosted by James Underwood Crockett, the show celebrated the joys of gardening, while also exploring the history and culture of plants and gardens. With its timeless advice and heartwarming style, The Victory Garden remains an enduring favorite for gardening enthusiasts everywhere.

The Victory Garden
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  • Premiere Date
    September 5, 2009
  • IMDB Rating
    7.3  (33)