Wake Up! With no Make Up

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Wake Up with No Make Up is a hit musical that debuted in November of 2013. With the catchy tunes and interesting cast, viewers will be captivated. Body language will translate the Spanish tongue and the tunes will want you to tune into to watch this Argentinian toe-tapping event.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
November 21, 2013
Comedy, Drama, Music, Latino
Wake Up! With no Make Up

Wake Up! With no Make Up Full Episode Guide

  • Who will win the competition?

  • Clara explains her silence to her daughter. Marco receives April's anger and treats him as a traitor. The final is about to start.

  • The big night arrives and the competitors give "Collective Station" an unpleasant surprise which will force them to think quickly.

  • The guys choose the song for the competition but Leticia's spy betrays them. Clara decides to tell her daughter about Ricardo's plans.

  • April finds out all Marco has done to help her without knowing that Ricardo hides something. Clara, her mother, begins to investigate.

  • The jeaslousy of Leticia continues to grow when she learns that Marco used his savings to save the station. Ricardo takes a decision that will change everything.

  • Marco and Leticia discuss his closeness to April. The identity of the leader of the band is discovered.

  • The shed is closed and the teenagers must regain their instruments. Marco is willing to help the band, despite the jealousy of his girlfriend.

  • April and the rest of the band begin to practise for their performance, unaware that a rival band will try to ruin their plans.

  • The casting process was successful and now the band seeks their identity. The teenagers meet someone who could open the doors to the artistic world.

  • The day of the casting comes together with the aspirants of the band, who change the course of history. The plans of April's stepfather grow complicated.

  • April, together with her best friends, decide to build a collective band to convert the abandoned shed into a cultural space.

  • April will do everything to recover the abandoned shed from the clutches of her stepfather and his son Marco.