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The television series Web Therapy features Lisa Kudrow as Web Therapist Fiona Wallice, who has decided that the traditional hour-long therapy sessions are too long and give patients too much time to talk about irrelevant topics. By dramatically shortening the therapy session to three minutes, she believes that patients will achieve results more quickly. She uses Skype to host therapy sessions, while also recording them in hopes that investors will find the concept appealing and invest in it as a franchise.

Web Therapy is only scripted as on outline, with Ms. Kudrow and guest stars improvising their lines. Clients do not appear onscreen at the same time as Ms. Kudrow, but instead are displayed through the Skype video chat service on a computer screen. Notable guest stars have included Friends co-stars Courteney Cox and Matt LeBlanc, but also include Alan Cumming, Minnie Driver and Conan O'Brien. Guest stars sometime appear as themselves requiring therapy sessions, and to more comic effect, often appear as alternate characters that are parodies of themselves, past roles they have played, or of actors in their genre.

A typical episode features a famous celebrity as a client contacting Fiona Wallace for a therapy session. Clients are often belligerent, aloof or uncooperative with Fiona, making the three-minute therapy session more difficult and less productive, counter to the concept of Web Therapy. Fiona also must deal with the political ambitions and unconventional sexual life of her husband Kip Wallace (played by Victor Garber) and with Kip's controlling and too-personal campaign manager, Ben Tomlund (played by Michael McDonald). Later seasons escalate the comedy and off-computer drama for Fiona with appearances by Lily Tomlin as Fiona's unpredictable mother and Meryl Streep as Kip's political handler, who has an extremely hands-on approach.

Web Therapy originally began its life as webisodes in 2008, later being rebroadcast on the Showtime cable channel, with newer episodes premiering on Showtime. Emmy Award-winner Lisa Kudrow serves as co-creator and producer of the show in addition to the starring role.

Web Therapy is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (111 episodes). The series first aired on October 20, 2020. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.6.

Web Therapy is available for streaming on the L Studio website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Web Therapy on demand at IMDb TV Vudu, iTunes, IMDb TV online.

L Studio
5 Seasons, 111 Episodes
October 20, 2020
Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Dan Bucatinsky, Jennifer Elise Cox, Victor Garber
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Web Therapy Full Episode Guide

  • Fiona is surprised to learn her advice secured Sylvie a lucrative new job.

  • New client, Sylvie Frank, seeks Fiona's advice concerning her office romance that has gone sour.

  • Fiona is upset that Chris suckered her into being taped by reality tv cameras at their dinner.

  • Chris is desperate: does Fiona want to save a friend's marriage?

  • Fiona becomes reacquainted with her former flame Chris Endicott, who has changed a lot since college...

  • Fiona is stunned to discover that Blair and Augie think they can solve their problems without her.

  • Fiona is stunned to discover that Blair and Augie think they can solve their problems without her...

  • During a session with Blair and Augie, Fiona discovers that the couple is having relationship problems.

  • Young couple Blair and Augie reach out for advice from Fiona concerning their long-distance cyber relationship.

  • Fiona is shocked to learn that Steve's isn't who he claimed to be.

  • Steve questions Fiona's motives after receiving a proposal to invest in Web Therapy.

  • New client Steve Olson reaches out to Fiona for help with his anxiety after winning the NY lottery jackpot.

  • Nick discovers that Fiona is the secret card shark who has been beating him online.

  • Nick calls Fiona extremely frustrated that he has lost a lot of money to a crafty new online gambler.

  • Fiona gets a call from a new patient Nick Jericho, whose wife says he has a gambling problem.

  • Karen calls Fiona very upset, having woken up to find herself and her home newly made-over.

  • Fiona makes her way into Karen's house to try and get her hands on Kip's briefcase, which has the evidence she needs to clear herself.

  • Fiona introduces herself to Karen Sharpe, the hoarder who is obsessed with Kip, in order to strike a deal for his briefcase.

  • Jerome contacts Gina with an unusual request having to do with her baby.

  • A very pregnant Gina calls Fiona from Austen's Jet to discuss wedding plans.

  • A very pregnant Gina calls Fiona from Austen's Jet to discuss wedding plans.

  • Fiona is shocked to find out that Austen plans to marry his baby mama Gina, to secure a legitimate heir.

  • A smug Fiona gets some satisfaction from Ben's current predicament with the law.

  • A smug Fiona gets some satisfaction from Ben's current predicament with the law.

  • Fiona, concerned about how heated the investigation has become, calls Kip desperate for help with accessing his accounts.

  • Fiona, concerned about how heated the investigation has become, calls Kip desperate for help with accessing his accounts.

  • Kip's call with Fiona is interrupted by Ben, who has some unsettling campaign news.

  • Richard tries to secretly contact Fiona to let her know that he and Robin will be going into Witness Protection.

  • Fiona contacts Richard to give him a heads up that the FBI has been tipped off to his mob employers.

  • On this episode Fiona asks Richard to help her destroy Robin's damaging tapes.

  • Fiona is sickened to learn that Robin once again has the upper hand. Robin has incriminating footage of Austen Clarke and more.

  • Desperate for evidence that she has been framed, Fiona pretends to be interested in Robin's "documentary".

  • Fiona calls Richard to see if he remembers the pass codes to access to the campaign documents.

  • Fiona is infuriated when she discovers that Hayley has been using her NY Penthouse to entertain

  • It looks like Jerome is no longer in Putsy's good graces, so he calls Fiona to ask for his job back.

  • Jerome shares the news with Fiona that Google wants to buy her mother's copycat therapy business!

  • On this episode Franny's shares news about her new songs that get her major attention and propel her into the Pop world.

  • Fiona shares the good news that during a drunken night out on the town, she broke through her writer's block.

  • On this episode Franny Marshall, who is writing the songs for Whistlin', calls Fiona to chat about her writer's block.

  • Fiona is pleased to discover that Putsy has been cleared of all charges, but horrified when she discovers that Putsy has a new career - and, worse, a new career advisor.

  • After her roommate's unfortunate death, Putsy Hodge prepares for life in the Big House, while Fiona begs her to lawyer up and take the Fifth.

  • Fiona's mother, Putsy Hodge, wants to be declared legally insane, and Fiona, once she finds out why, instantly agrees.

  • Fiona and Allegra conduct a postmortem on the disastrous trip to Los Angeles, and Allegra, now a Hollywood pariah based on some unfortunate camera phone footage, prepares for a long stretch on the casting couch.

  • Jerome surprises Fiona with an unwelcome traveling companion for her trip to Los Angeles.

  • Allegra Favreau does character research on Fiona, grilling her on some embarrassing details left out of her memoir, and Fiona offers up an acting critique of Allegra's past work before they agree to continue the work face-to-face in L.A.

  • Fiona thinks she's been discovered by Hollywood when newly sober reality star Allegra Favreau calls to option Fiona's memoir for a Lifetime television movie.

  • The London tabloids are full of a royal scandal that mysteriously echoes Gemma's situation, and Gemma finally realizes that Fiona's therapy is all talk -- mostly to the press.

  • Fiona's conjugal advice is unsuccessful, and Gemma says she's running out of time -- she's pregnant, and her husband is bound to know he can't be the father. Can Fiona save the British empire?

  • Fiona gets her first international client when Gemma Pankhurst-Jones calls from Buckingham Palace, where she works as a "proxy" for the royal family.

  • Nina Garcia offers Fiona a makeover that she insists she doesn't need.

  • Fiona lobs a grenade into Jerome and Hayley's relationship.

  • Conan O'Brien contacts Fiona for help with unexpressed anger... but manages to express plenty when she fails to recognize him.

  • Fiona is outfoxed by the calculating Maxine, but the book is back where it belongs - and so is Austen.

  • Baffled by the modest trickle of gifts from Austen, Fiona decides to take her affection - and book - elsewhere.

  • Behind Fiona's back, Jerome flies up to New York to meet with Maxine to fix her book, but doesn't get the thanks he expects.

  • Fiona gets an earful from her publisher's chief of staff, Maxine DeMaine, who has a very low opinion of Fiona's writing skills - and her moral character.

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