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In the animated kids' series Word Party, a quartet of adorable baby animals help small children to learn important things. The series is aimed at teaching toddlers new vocabulary and helping them develop social skills. Victor Yerrid, Dorien Davies, and Misty Rosas star.Word Party is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (50 episodes). The series first aired on July 8, 2016.

Word Party is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Word Party on demand atNetflix, Amazon online.

4 Seasons, 50 Episodes
July 8, 2016
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Misty Rosas, Patina Miller, Victor Yerrid, Dorien Davies, John Munro Cameron
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Word Party Full Episode Guide

  • Kip learns the hard way that he can't get distracted when he's in charge of watching Tilly. What will fix the mess? Teamwork -- and bubbles!

  • Sharing is really hard for Lulu and Tilly when it comes to their special toys. When the two start to fight, Word Wally comes to the rescue.

  • An exciting outdoor adventure leaves Lulu feeling left out because she's little. Things get better when she uses her words -- and her imagination!

  • Everybody wants to play with little Tilly, but some of the babies still need to learn how to make sure their games are safe and kind.

  • When Clickety Clock takes a tumble, Kip and Lulu help with repairs. But without their trusty guide, the other babies get the schedule all mixed up!

  • Silly is the name of the game as the babies get creative taking turns to lead outside playtime. Then little Tilly takes some very big steps!

  • The babies are working hard -- and doing the silly dance! -- to help Tilly learn fun things. But she's got something special to teach them, too!

  • The babies play detective to try and solve the mystery behind some new things in the house. Can you help them uncover the exciting surprise in store?

  • When the babies want to play different games, Franny figures out how they can all play together: by pretending to run different kinds of stores.

  • The babies pretend to be hungry animals chasing each other, and they use their imagination to learn about the animals in the ocean.

  • The babies have a picnic, but Kip doesn't like the bugs. His friends help him learn more about the different kinds of insects they see.

  • When Franny, Kip, Bailey and Lulu pretend to be animals, they learn some new words for different animal movements.

  • There's a bad smell on the playground, and Kip and Bailey don't know what it is. They decide to become detectives and solve the mystery.

  • It's nap time, and Lulu wants to find a nice place for her favorite toy, Raffe, to sleep. Bailey, Franny and Kip help her look for the perfect spot.

  • It's Franny's birthday, and she wants to share her cake with Bailey, Kip and Lulu. But she needs to figure out how to cut four equal pieces of cake.

  • When the babies disagree with each other about what games to play, they need to learn about the importance of friendship.

  • The babies decide to make art, and Franny, Lulu and Bailey paint and take photos. But they don't know the name for the type of art Kip makes.

  • Franny, Bailey and Kip are mad at Lulu when she takes all their cookies. Lulu needs your help to learn some new words about good manners.

  • The other babies make things fun for Franny while she learns to use the potty, and they all learn some new words to help her.

  • Lulu's favorite toy, Raffe, gets dirty and broken when she plays with it outside. The babies learn opposite words to help fix Raffe.

  • The babies decide to start a band, but Franny and Lulu fight over the drum. Now they need to find just the right instrument for Lulu to play.