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This docuseries explored topics in science, nature, human culture and geography with the goal of illuminating its topics in a way that a general TV audience could understand. It aired on ABC beginning in 1990.World of Discovery is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (21 episodes). The series first aired on January 8, 1990.

World of Discovery is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch World of Discovery on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon online.

Content Media Corporation
1 Season, 21 Episodes
January 8, 1990
Nature, Documentary & Biography
Cast: James Brolin, Richard Crenna
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World of Discovery Full Episode Guide

  • In 1922, the world was electrified by the discovery in Egypt's Valley of the Kings of the sealed tomb of King Tutankhamun. Now, archaeologist Ken Weeks has located KV-5, Tomb #5, whose buried doorway reveals what is by far the biggest tomb in Egypt.

  • Fearsome, fascinating and immensely powerful, polar bears spellbind us with their massive size, voracious appetite and social behavior. These bold rulers of the north can grow 10 feet tall and weigh 1500 pounds.

  • It weighs 300,00 pounds, the equivalent of 30 African elephants. It can measure over 100 feet in length. Its powerful 20-foot jaws take in 16,000 gallons of water in one gigantic gulp. It is the blue whale, nature's largest, most magnificent animal.

  • Beautiful, majestic, powerful and deadly, the tiger has thrived on the planet for countless centuries.

  • For more than sixty million years, the rhinoceros has roamed the earth. It is a stubborn "tank" of a beast whose nose mounted weaponry and armor of thick skin are links to its prehistoric past.

  • Didi is a seven-year-old living with her family in a high-rise apartment building in Taipei. Like others her age, she likes it here, but there's a hitch: Didi is an orangutan.

  • In the twentieth century, earthquakes have killed hundreds of thousands of people and caused billions of dollars in damage. Seismologists predict the worst is yet to come.

  • Imagine being surrounded by a vast and rugged wilderness. No town, no stores, no human contact just you and your family plus 10,000 head of cattle.

  • Surrounded by centuries of myth and legend, the wolf has long been assumed to be a random predator, ruthlessly attacking its victims. The wolf was so universally hated that it was pushed to the brink of extinction.

  • Come aboard The Danmark, one of the world's foremost sailing ships and the pride of Copenhagen, for a remarkable journey across the stormy North Atlantic.

  • Until recently, the extraordinary phenomena of Russian parapsychology have been hidden from the eyes of the West. Now the icy veil of secrecy has melted and we can finally investigate their powerful and mystifying work.

  • In 1946, the United States ordered the 167 inhabitants of Bikini, a coral reef in the Marshall Islands of Micronesia, to evacuate their ancestral home. The United States government had chosen Bikini as the test site to detonate an atom bomb.

  • The air is heavy with anticipation as an entire country awaits their lifeblood the Monsoon. After months of sweltering heat it arrives with lightening, thunder, storm-force winds, and heavy, warm rain.

  • He has spent more time in the water filming sharks than probably any man alive. He is legendary filmmaker Al Giddings, the man behind the underwater action footage in The Abyss, The Deep, several James Bond movies and dozens of TV commercials and films.

  • There are more than 3000 species of snakes, and every one seems to scare man to death. For this rare, up-close look at the mysterious reptile, wildlife cinematographers traveled to the far corners of the earth to capture the serpent in its varied roles.

  • The Herbert's house at 118 Green Street looks normal enough - a mom, dad, two kids, the family dog and a goldfish named Sushi. But look closer and you'll see that the Herberts aren't home alone they're surrounded by billions of uninvited houseguests.

  • In the wild, the killer whale is dangerous to all prey. In captivity, however, it is the source of great wonder and joy to man. An Orca is often essential to the success of a marine park.

  • World of Discovery - Australia's Outback: Vanishing Frontier Imagine being surrounded by a vast and rugged wilderness. No town, no stores, no human contact - just you and your family plus 10,000 head of cattle. That's life for the McBean's on the huge cattle ranch known as Bradshaw Station, one of Australia's last bastions of unspoiled bush country. This documentary brings you twelve months in the hard-working life of this magnificent place. You'll discover life much like it was during America's frontier days. Breathtaking footage reveals the rough, rewarding adventures of a truly unique lifestyle. Narrated by Mel Gibson. As seen on ABC.

  • The swamps, rivers and marshes of Australia's northern region are home to the world's largest and most dangerous reptile: the salt-water crocodile. Close to extinction just decades ago, this fearless predator is back with a vengeance.

  • The normal life cycle: we are born, we live and we die. But what happens when life's unfortunate incidents cause loss of limb or control of our bodies? Technology is coming to the aid of people...