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A complete chronicle of the most epic event In the 20th century. The chaos, sacrifice and heroism of WWII are presented through a day-by-day profile of the significant milestones that propelled and diminished the most terrifying regime of the 20th Century. This series highlights the details and daily headlines of September 1939 through September 1945.

World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on May 2, 2017.

World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report on demand atAmazon online.

Mill Creek Entertainment
1 Season, 12 Episodes
May 2, 2017
Cast: Allied Armed Forces, Axis Armed Forces
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World War II Diaries - The Complete War Report Full Episode Guide

  • When he visits, General Eisenhower, is so affected that he sends photographs to Churchill with copies of movies that have been filmed. The British Prime Minister is so horrified that he circulates the material among members of the War Cabinet.

  • The Japanese launch the strategy of sending fire balloons over the Pacific Ocean with the hope that they will reach the United States and produce massive wildfires in the West Coast woodlands. The operation will take place over five months, in the course of which more than nine thousand balloons will be sent off. Three hundred of them will reach American territory, producing hardly any damage.

  • Under Hitler's instructions, Heinrich Himmler orders that all family members of Von Stauffenberg be persecuted. His wife Nina, a few months pregnant, is arrested by security forces and sent to prison and then to the Ravensbrück Concentration Camp. Their four children are sent to an internment camp.

  • To date, the Allies have landed to date more than one million soldiers and one hundred and seventy thousand vehicles in northern France. The number of captured German prisoners has risen to forty thousand.

  • In Poland, over two thousand Jews are transferred from Wlodawa to the Sobibor death camp, directed by the SS general Franz Reichleitner. When they reach the arrivals platform and realize the tragic fate that awaits them, they desperately rebel against the SS guards watching over them, attacking them with sticks and stones. The rioters are gunned down.

  • Japanese have suffered ten thousand casualties in Malaysia and their supply system is broken down. In London, RAF Air Marshal Arthur Travers Harris, the Commander-in-Chief of Bomber Command issues the order of selective area bombing. From now on, the air force's objective will be to destroy the morale of the German people, using saturation bombing against civilians and industrial sectors.

  • Winston Churchill, in a meeting with the War Cabinet, analyzes the German occupation of Bulgaria. With this action Hitler's troops have within reach all the strategic points of the Balkans, as well as the Bosporus Strait, which divides the city of Istanbul, the Dardanelles, which separate Europe and Asia, and Salonika. This represents a significant achievement for Hitler in the region.

  • With the American signing of a defensive agreement with Canada, which is part of the British Commonwealth, the USA is no longer "neutral", as far as the Germans are concerned, but only a "non-belligerent" power. In Germany the government orders all Jews in the country to wear a yellow star sewn onto their clothes at all times.

  • From Italy Mussolini offers Hitler his help in the occupation of France. The Nazi leader declines his offer, saying to General Wilhelm Keitel "This fool said that his country wasn't prepared for war and now he is in a rush to share the spoils".