Watch TV Shows on Mill Creek Entertainment

Mill Creek Entertainment is an American home video distributor that specializes in multi movie and television show collections. These collections can have from two to 100 films and 10 to 600 television episodes. Some of the larger sets often contain material that is in the public domain. The videos consist of owned and licensed content that includes modern and classic films, animation, television, fitness and documentary. The company has licensing partnerships with several of the larger US studios including Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video and NBC Universal. They have a license agreement to distribute several movies from Disney owned Touchstone Pictures and Hollywood Pictures.

In addition to the silenced material, they have purchased the rights to many films and TV shows from other companies. They purchased the library of Crown International Pictures which includes the Ernest P. Worrell comedies and the rights to several Casey-Werner television programs.

Some of the company’s films are its own productions. Most of these are from director Kevin Hershberger and take the form of historical and educational entertainment series. Some of the popular titles are National Parks Explorer, Amazing Dinosaurs America’s Serial Killers and The United States Military: A History of Heroes. These, along with its licensing agreements and titles it owns combine to form a video entertainment catalog of over 12,000 hours. Domestic distribution of the DVDs is handled by several companies.