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Go behind the lines of engagement to hear the true stories of war from the men and women who lived it! This insightful series is not the story of a single war but the stories of five generations of warriors, what they had in common and what was unique to their time and mission. These interviews collectively illuminate the dramatic and ongoing effects of the war on those who participated.

True War Stories is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (39 episodes). The series first aired on May 5, 2015.

Where do I stream True War Stories online? True War Stories is available for streaming on Mill Creek Entertainment, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch True War Stories on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Vudu, Tubi TV online.

Mill Creek Entertainment
1 Season, 39 Episodes
May 5, 2015
Cast: Various
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True War Stories Full Episode Guide

  • Dealing with the North Vietnamese Army, snipers, Hanoi Hannah and harsh combat conditions are some of the items recalled by our storytellers.

  • Further true-life stories involving the battles fought on the Korean peninsula by brave soldiers far from their homeland.

  • Korean War veterans recall their impressions of preparing for deployment and their combat experiences during this 'Police Action'.

  • Ethnic cleansing becomes an international concern when troops are deployed during the war in Bosnia & Herzegovina

  • Armored warfare in Southeast Asia is recounted by those who fought the battles on the extreme terrain found in Vietnam.

  • Merrill McPeak, US Air Force Chief of Staff (Ret.), recounts his experiences during his nearly 40 years of military service.

  • Enlistment stories, the rationale behind their military branch choices and basic training tales are retold by these veterans from many wars.

  • Retired pilots speak about their experiences in flight training, in air show performances and in combat situations.

  • Stories of the first impressions of their area of combat are told by the soldiers who set foot into a hostile and taxing environment.

  • Veterans and experts recount their personal reflections regarding the tragic and horrific events of September 11, 2011.

  • Women who were in the military recount their experiences during WWII, the Vietnam War and Iraqi Freedom.

  • Dealing with the uncertainty of the Iraqi people's allegiances and the resistance fighters battling coalition forces cause great concern with our troops.

  • American armored troops face a new enemy in conditions never seen before by our military forces.

  • Former helicopter & fighter pilots speak of their training for and their missions over Southeast Asia.

  • Tales of paratrooper training and deployment over Normandy are featured in this episode.

  • The stories of soldiers and sailors who lived through a 'date which will live in infamy' are retold by some brave American survivors of the sneak attack.

  • Surprise attacks and fierce battles test a sailor's and soldier's resolve as recounted by those who lived through the experience.

  • Sometimes the bravest thing a soldier can do is hold fire, here the fascinating stories about the hard decisions made when faced with conflict or constrain.

  • Unpredictable outcomes are discussed by the POW's held by the enemy in Germany, North Korea and Japan.

  • Discover the captivating truth about how the brave men of WWII survived when thrown into enemy territory.

  • Miracles, luck and endurance are discussed by the veterans who defied the odds during miscalculated military operations.

  • Go behind the lines of engagement and hear the stories of first time combat and other gruesome initiatives of war.

  • Hear the stories from the men who survived the unimaginable horrors that plagued fought against the most terrifying regimes of the 20th Century.

  • From culture shock to the descriptions of the villages and people affected by the tragic warfare methods of search and destroy operations.

  • Witness the courage of the soldiers who put their lives on the line in Vietnam and how the young men coped with the resistance.

  • POW's and the founder of Families of American Vietnam Prisoners of Wars discuss in great detail their haunting experiences.

  • Hear the stories about entering the military and the significant events that drove these soldiers to do so.

  • From the fear of the kamikaze to the feeling of fighting someone else's war, the physical and mental effects of combat are shared by the men and women who lived it.

  • Travel to the frontlines and discover the various methods and stories about how the troops arrived for battle, be it air, land, sea or foot.

  • Discover the unique stories of survival and healing as you hear soldiers describe their experiences of meeting strangers in a strange land.

  • Hear the captivating interviews from Veterans of different branches as they describe their introduction to the US Military

  • From prisoner camps to the events leading up to surrender, discover the epic struggles of the brave POWs of WWII.

  • D-day was the greatest military operation of all time, hear the fascinating stories from the brave soldiers that stormed the beaches of Normandy and survived the German resistance.

  • Take off with the Helicopter Pilots, Army Nurses and Combat Medics that felt first-hand the heartbreaking realism of jungle warfare

  • From the oppression and hardship to the milestones that propelled American Americans in the military, these are the stories of the men that rose above prejudice in order to serve the country that they loved.

  • Follow the chaos and heroism of the veterans who served in Italy, Paris, Austria and Pearl Harbor during the most epic times in the 20th Century.

  • From the beginning battles of the Vietnam Conflict through the eyes of a Platoon Commander to the dramatic days in Italy 1943, these are the combat zones that changed the course of history.

  • Discover the courage of the brave servicemen who joined the crusade in the Pacific and in Europe during the deadliest combat operations of WWII.

  • From the beginning battles of the Vietnam Conflict through the eyes of a Platoon Commander to the dramatic days in Italy 1943, these are the combat zones that changed the course of history.