WWE: Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling

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WWE: Legends of Mid-South Wrestling is a special produced by World Wrestling Entertainment. The release features matches and commentary from the great moments of the old pro wrestling territorial area. Interviews of the pro wrestling legends and other industry figures help narrate the history of the Mid-South Wrestling territory promoted by Cowboy Bill Watts. Several matches that took place over a five year period during the early 1980s' are profiled during the special. Wrestling heroes like Junkyard Dog, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Ted Dibiase, Andre the Giant, Paul Orndorff, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan and Tony Atlas are just a few of the names that are included.

1 Season, 27 Episodes
September 10, 2013
WWE: Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling

WWE: Legends Of Mid-South Wrestling Full Episode Guide

  • Dr Death and Big Bubba Rogers compete for championship gold.

  • One Man Gang and Big Bubba Rogers compete for championship gold.

  • Terry Gordy collides with Dr Death in a battle for the UWF Title.

  • Lumberjacks surround the ring as two Freebirds are in action on UWF.

  • Terry Gordy and Hacksaw Jim Duggan compete for championship gold.

  • The UWF presents tag team action featuring the Bladerunners in this rare bout.

  • Rob Ricksteiner takes on Nick Patrick.

  • Ric Flair and Ted DiBiase battle for a World Championship in this historic showdown.

  • Jake Roberts looks to walk out of this Midsouth showdown with the Television Title.

  • Ric Flair takes on Terry Taylor for the NWA Championship on Midsouth.

  • Future Mr WrestleMania Shawn Michaels takes on Ted DiBiase in this rare gem of a match up.

  • Manager Jim Cornette has found himself in a bit of a bind in this tag team match up.

  • Jim Ross asked the tough questions to the Rock & Roll Express.

  • A classic tag team rivalry is continued on Midsouth.

  • Will Junkyard Dog or Butch Reed emerge from the ghetto victorious?

  • One of the more unique segments in Midsouth history, check out this tarred and feathered dog!

  • One of the more unique segments in Midsouth history, check out this painted dog!

  • Magnum TA and Mr Wrestling II battle for the North American Heavyweight Championship.

  • The Midnight Express is in action on Midsouth Wrestling.

  • Magnum TA shows why he is a future Superstar when he works out with Mr Wrestling II.

  • Who will be announced as Magnum TA's manager? Find out here.

  • The classic Midsouth tag team match features Ted DiBiase and the legendary Andre the Giant.

  • Tony Atlas shows off his strength with a massive 500 pound bench press.

  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Ted DiBiase battle in a match with several stipulations in this rare Midsouth match.

  • Junkyard Dog and Ted Dibiase battle with tag team partners at their side in this classic match up.

  • A six-man tag match featuring Hall of Famers Andre the Giant, Dusty Rhodes and more legendary Superstars of Midsouth.

  • Ted Dibiase battles Paul Orndorff in this classic confrontation from Midsouth.