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DreamGirls is a musical that was brought to life in film. The movie follows the storyline of a Broadway musical with the same title. The film version of this story features big names in the entertainment industry including Jamie Foxx, Eddie Murphy , and singers Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson. This movie is the most expensive movie made to date featuring a cast that is composed of all African Americans.  

DreamGirls is broken in two separate acts just like the play. Curtis is the character played by Jamie Foxx. He is a car salesman until he meets a talented group of girls. The lead singer is Effie and her backup singers are Deena and Lorrell. Curtis becomes their new manager and even arranges them to sing back up for a local recording star Jimmy Early. The singers in this movie were based on inspirations from real life stars.  

With the idea of making black singers mainstream music talents to white consumers Curtis starts his own record company. Their first single fails but their lives are getting more interesting. Effie being to like Curtis while Lorrell has an affair with their Jimmy. Curtis sets Jimmy up with a tour featuring the girls. He appoints Deena the lead singer. He fears that fill figured Effie will not play well with a white audience. The group is now called the Dreams. The Dreams end up becoming a top selling group. Curtis eventually kicks Effie out of the group as his attraction to Deena grows.  

Act two shows how the lives of the girls down the road. Effie is a single mother on welfare while the group has relocated to Los Angels. Jimmy is deep into drug addiction and he career fell apart. Curtis was too involved with Deena to pay attention to him. Jimmy dies of a heroin overdose. Given a second chance Effie records a record and even gets play on the radio. Deena becomes angry with Curtis for controlling her career and his plans to ruin Effie. The original Dreamgirls get back together and the group leaves Curtis to his own devices. The girls give a final performance to a packed house.

| | 2 hr 10 min | Drama
Jamie Foxx, Beyonce Knowles, Eddie Murphy, Danny Glover, Jennifer Hudson
Bill Condon
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