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| | 1 hr 45 min | Action, Comedy, Family, Sports Film

Grind is an adventure comedy about 4 friends trying to live their dream and become sponsored skateboarders. With their senior year coming to an end and everyone else heading for collage, Eric, Dustin and Matt are using their last summer to head out on the road to follow the Jimmy Wilson Skate Tour, hoping they will be discovered, loved and signed. They meet up with their friend Sweet Lou in hopes of him joining their group and using his van to travel around. After a girls father threatens Lou, he quickly hoped on board.

Their first stop on the tour they try to get in contact with Jimmy Wilson, but is stopped at the tour bus by his manager that explains how Jimmy never watches any "sponsor me" tapes. He does tell the boys to keep skating and eventually they will be found. Later they travel to another stop where Eric runs into pro skater Bam Margera and almost get him to watch his teams tape, until Eric defends a girl named Jamie who he's had eyes for the whole tour.

Despite the guys many misadventures along the way, they stick together. Sweet Lou along the way picks up a girl and brings her along with them. While the guys were making a pit stop, she stole their van, leaving them in the middle of the desert. While one last stop on the tour, they head to Matt's parents house to collect themselves and then head out.

Jamie thankfully helped the guys out and got their name on the list so they could skate the event. They four guys pulled themselves together to deliver the best performance of their lives. Everyone saw Super Duper Skates and loved them. Thanks to Jamie helping them out and after everything they went through, their demo finally got the guys sponsored and made all their mishaps along the way totally worth it.

Mike Vogel, Colin McKay, Vince Vieluf, Adam Brody, Joey Kern
Casey La Scala
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