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Sam Whiskey is a 1969 western comedy. It stars Burt Reynolds, Angie Dickenson, Clint Walker and Ossie Davies. Reynolds was on the verge of becoming a major movies star with he made Sam Whiskey. One scene featuring a bare breasted Angie Dickenson had to be re-shot to prevent the film from receiving an "R" rating. Reynolds plays Sam Whiskey and Dickenson plays a young widow named Laura Breckenridge. Whiskey cannot resist Laura's charms. He agrees to help her retrieve $250,000 from a riverboat that is at the bottom of the Platte River in Colorado. Reynolds is charming and Dickenson is sexy.

| | 1 hr 36 min
Burt Reynolds, Clint Walker, Ossie Davis, Rick Davis, Del Reeves
Arnold Laven
Sam Whiskey

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