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Scary Movie is a parody film based on the popular Scream horror movies. The plot follows the movie being parodied to an extent, but goes for laughs rather than scares. Fans of slapstick and sight gags will enjoy this film. Created by the Wayans Brothers this film follows Cindy Campbell and her friends in High School as they are stalked and killed in over the top ways that mock every horror cliche in the book.

The same Ghost Face costume is used as in the Scream franchise, but the killer is far from menacing. Most of the early victims end up actually killing themselves trying to get away. While murders are not generally considered comedy, these are done in such a way as the laughs keep coming as the body count rises.

Over acting, melodrama in inappropriate places and teen aged angst are all poked fun at along with the characters themselves being over the top. The town police are represented by a borderline pervert, and an extremely mentally challenged Deputy Doofy, who is used by the reporter out for the story. She is even more ruthless and ambitious in a ridiculous way then reporters are normally portrayed in movies.

The ensemble cast included the stereotypical cheerleader, jock, geek, and moody rebel types along with a stoner who had very little brain cell function left. The party held to defy curfew racked up a higher body count, and eventually revealed the killer in the costume. Everyone was a suspect from the beginning, and as they are killed off one by one, the ending reveals who really did it all.

As parody movies go, this is considered one of the better ones. The genre itself was fading in popularity when this film made it's debut and brought it back to life. Other parody movies followed, but did not put the effort into a true parody that the Wayans' put into this offering. Other films were parodied along with Scream, but the scenes were short and subtle, without trying to pack in as many jokes about popular blockbusters that many parody movies seem to attempt.

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