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| | 1 hr 39 min | Comedy

The chosen one is a brilliant film that falls into the genre of both comedy as well as drama. This film was directed by Rob Schneider and produced by Rob and John Schneider, Chris Luu, Scott Dolezal, Boon Collins, and Joe Q. Bretz. This film stars many great actors' and actresses like Rob Schneider, Carolina Gomez, Steve Buscemi, Peter Riegart, and Holland Taylor.

In this film Rob Schneider plays the role of a car salesman by the name of Paul and Steve Busemi plays the role of a Buddhist, who also happens to be the car salesman's Gay brother. Paul the car salesman is facing a mid life crisis, a once fine car salesman has now become a border lined alcoholic, who has become useless, and a terrible car salesman, after his wife Left him for a Yoga instructor. Plus, his brother and his mother have a tendency of reminding him of all his short comings on a regular basis, and they both really seem to enjoy reminding him of all of his failures, even his divorce. Now Paul has become highly depressed. The car salesman makes many attempts to take his own life, to just end it all.

During each of the attempts of suicide however, it seems that he keeps getting continuously interrupted. Therefore, preventing him from being able to take his own life. First being interrupted by his fellow co worker at the Nissan dealership in which he works and then from a telephone call from his mother. Once again he was interrupted by a gorgeous women who provides as a translator for three native American shamans who are from the mountains, and are natives of the Arhuaco people that went through vast amount of effort in order to reach him. Paul goes and visit them where they claim that he is the chosen one.

After his last interruption and with the help from the shamans, the Paul finally ends up finding faith in himself. Unfortunately, Paul the car salesman did not find faith in himself until after the entire world already put all of there faith into him. making him the only person that can save mankind from destroying themselves. Making him the chosen one. This film is a journey of drama with splashes of comedy, taking you on a ride of fun while this car salesman searches for a way to save mankind. Paul shows everyone that he can turn his life around despite all the bad things that have happened, with support from people who actually truly care and by having a little self confidence.

Rob Schneider, Carolina Gomez, Steve Buscemi, Peter Riegert, Holland Taylor
Rob Schneider, George Sluizer
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The Chosen One
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