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In the 2001 comedy film Zoolander, the actor Ben Stiller plays a male model who goes by the name of Derek Zoolander. Derek is tricked into killing the prime minister of Malaysia by his current fashion designer, Jacobim Mugatu, who is acted out by Will Ferrell. Derek is forced to work with his model competitor, Hansel, who is played by Owen Wilson. Together, Derek and Hansel are able to take down Mugatu and save the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It is through backstabbing, jealousy and betrayal, which eventually lead Derek and Hansel to find common ground with one another. The male modeling industry is completely run by Mugatu because he is the biggest name in Male Modeling; however, Mugatu is constantly criticized for hiring underpaid child workers in Malaysia to help craft his fashion design. Derek had never been hired by Mugatu in all his years of male modeling, which is why Derek found it strange Mugatu was hiring him a few days after Derek had announced his retirement from the male modeling industry. Derek and Hansel are both stereotypical male models who do not think for themselves but rather prefer to do what they are told in life.

Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor, Jerry Stiller
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Lady Gaga Rumored For $5-Million 'Zoolander' Sequel Offer

Had she been a name way back when, there's no way Lady Gaga would've missed "Zoolander". Sometimes, the Universe has a sense of timing, though. Rumor has it, the slightly odd pop star has been offered $5 million to appear in fairly significant capacity in Ben Stiller's upcoming sequel to his 2001 comedy hit.

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'Zoolander 2' Struggling In Development

When the hits just won't keep coming, it's not unreasonable to go back to the well. After a such a hit-or-miss last 10 years, Ben Miller sounds ready to give fans the long-promised "Zoolander" sequel. He just needs to get the script JUST so, first.

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