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In the 2001 comedy film Zoolander, the actor Ben Stiller plays a male model who goes by the name of Derek Zoolander. Derek is tricked into killing the prime minister of Malaysia by his current fashion designer, Jacobim Mugatu, who is acted out by Will Ferrell. Derek is forced to work with his model competitor, Hansel, who is played by Owen Wilson. Together, Derek and Hansel are able to take down Mugatu and save the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

It is through backstabbing, jealousy and betrayal, which eventually lead Derek and Hansel to find common ground with one another. The male modeling industry is completely run by Mugatu because he is the biggest name in Male Modeling; however, Mugatu is constantly criticized for hiring underpaid child workers in Malaysia to help craft his fashion design. Derek had never been hired by Mugatu in all his years of male modeling, which is why Derek found it strange Mugatu was hiring him a few days after Derek had announced his retirement from the male modeling industry. Derek and Hansel are both stereotypical male models who do not think for themselves but rather prefer to do what they are told in life.

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Lady Gaga Rumored For $5-Million 'Zoolander' Sequel Offer

Lady Gaga and "Zoolander"? Sure, why not? Hell, she's almost as much an avant-garde fashion icon as she is one of music. Had she been as much a household buzz name circa 2000-2001 as she is today, it's inconceivable that "Zoolander" creator Ben Stiller would've dreamed pass up getting her involved. Still, you get what you get in life. And this time out, Derek Zoolander may go Gaga. The (U.K.) Sun reports that the "Born This Way" artist had been approached with a roughly $5-million offer to appear in the upcoming sequel.

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'Zoolander 2' Struggling In Development

Ben Stiller's been hit ("Meet The Parents," "Night At The Museum")-and-miss ("Meet The Fockers," "Night At The Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian") at the box office over the past 10 years or so. Tragically enough, there's now some doubt whether we'll ever find out which of the two "Zoolander 2" would be. Stiller claims that the sequel to his 2001 comedy hit about doofus male model Derek Zoolander is starting to flounder in development, according to The Huffington Post.

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