Midnight in Paris

Midnight in Paris is a lighthearted romantic comedy with bits of information about art history thrown in. Gil is a screenwriter who takes a trip to Paris with his fiance Inez. The story unfolds as Gil questions his relationship with Inez and his career as a screenwriter. One evening after they have been out to dinner, Gil decides to take a walk around the city. Time passes and soon Gil finds himself sitting on a stoop while somewhere in the distance a clock strikes midnight. As the midnight hour chimes, an old fashioned car pulls up with a group of happy people inside who beckon to Gil join them.

The people in the car are all dressed in styles from the 1920's and are on their way to a party. At the party, Gil discovers the people he is surrounded by are actually very famous. He becomes friends with Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald and meets Cole Porter and Josephine Baker. Gil can't believe what is happening. Through some strange occurrence he has landed in the 1920's and is hobnobbing with people he has greatly admired. The true icing on the cake is when Gil meets Ernest Hemingway, a man who quickly befriends him.

As the midnight hours slowly turn back into day, Gil finds himself back in his original time. He goes back to the hotel, where he puts off spending time with his fiance in favor of roaming the streets of Paris at night to recapture the alteration in time. He succeeds in finding the same stoop at midnight and is once again transported to the 1920's. Gil meets a young Pablo Picasso who has a mistress named Adriana. Adriana is a free-spirited soul who captures Gil's heart. The two spend many nights sharing the sights and sounds of Paris in the twenties.

While Gil is in the alternate time, he gives a copy of his manuscript to Ernest Hemingway to read. He also confides in Adriana about his time traveling ability. Adriana has a desire of her own, which is to travel back to an even earlier time when she believes Paris was at its best.

| 2011 | 1 hr 40 min | 7.7/10
Woody Allen
Midnight in Paris

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