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Series Length:4 Seasons, 52 Episodes

The television program Instant Star is a Canadian based program which had a four year run, starting in September 2004 and lasting until June 2008. The television program focused on Jude Harrison, a teen music competition winner (similar to American Idol, only known as Instant Star). Although the program was set around music it wasn't just a musical number over and over. Instead, Instant Star wanted to develop rich characters as it shoed Jude's struggle's in the recording industry and his overall experience.

Instant Star is is geared more towards older children than actual adults, although it proved a hit with both audiences as it received a large number of Germini Awards for Best Children's or Youth Fiction Program.

The television series, which had a total of 52 episodes, started with Jude Harrison trying out for the musical competition program Instant Star. The pilot episode gave a quick background over Jude and what he had to go through to make it to the final matchup n Instant Star. Upon winning the music competition his normally life quickly turned upside down as he essentially become a new celebrity and sensation overnight. This put a bit of a strain on his personal relationships with friends and family members as he tried not to change while adapting to his new life as a professional musician.

On ever single episode of Instant Star, Jude is faxed with some sort of program he must deal with. The different issues arose from just about every single aspect of his life, ranging from personal and family life to the music industry. This proved a rather interesting insight into the music industry as your'e able to gain a bit of knowledge as to what takes place during the recording process. This is one of the fantastic aspects of the show, especially as it is geared towards a younger audience who might not have received this sort of exposure through other programs on the television.

Instant Star received a good amount of success, especially for a Canadian program which is usually overshadowed by its United States counterpart programs. However, the show did broadcast in over 120 countries and proved fruitful in its 50 plus episodes (which actually is a rather long run in terms of Canadian television, which is different from American based programming as these seasons run much longer and the contracts are tired in for a greater length of time).

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Genre: Drama, Children
Rating: 9/10
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  • All Jude Harrison ever wanted was to be a normal girl. Well, as normal as a rock star could possibly be. Reporters and fans have swarmed her home. Bodyguards are attached at the hip. Restaurants close and clear so she may eat in peace. With this much fame...can Jude be normal ever again? And there are choices. And decisions. Most notably, Jude is offered a once-in-a-lifetime recording contract in London, England. At the same time, Jude and Tommy are falling for each other all over again. Tommy offers to move to England with her and make their relationship legit. Like 'legit' legit? She will announce her ultimate decision at the concert.... Meanwhile, Karma and Speed shoot the scripted season finale for their reality series. But Thurman has manipulated their lives for the last time. Karma just can't sell out her Speedy. Thurman gets fired and Karma and Speed shoot a genuine, warm, reconciliation for the cameras...right before they rip every last one out of the loft.

  • Thanks to her Japanese commercial, Jude has the money she needs to remix her album but Darius isn't interested in giving it back. Luckily, Jude seems to be forging a new, mature friendship with Tommy. She convinces him that if he's truly her friend, he'll hit up Darius for the remix rights at the upcoming G Major spa retreat. In an effort to build company morale, Darius whisks his G Major top guns off to the spa. Kwest, Sadie, Karma - and bringing up the rear, Tommy - are all on board for a day of team-building exercises, pampering, and catharsis. Each of them, however, is distracted by their own agendas. With everyone out of town, Jude is left to deal with a very territorial Megan, who is not just over-protective - she's full-blown disturbed.

  • Jude's latest album has come and gone from the charts in a flash. Bummed but not beaten, Jude's determined to remix the album and re-release all the songs as they should have been done. Problem is, it'll cost heaps of cash to pay for it all - cash Darius certainly won't cough up. So to come up with the money, Jude bites the bullet and accepts a lucrative job acting in a wacky Japanese commercial. But Megan, who has helped Jude through some hard times and thinks she knows best, is dead-set against this "selling out". When Megan pulls out all the stops in a bid to sabotage the commercial, Jude must decide if their friendship is healthy for either of them.

  • Karma couldn't be happier and her head couldn't be huger. But when the show airs, she is mortified. Karma has been reduced to the role of harpy, the villain of her on-screen life.

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