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Featuring a cast of interestingly unstable characters, Kevin Spencer delivers its own brand of dark humor to audiences. The title character, Kevin, is a teenager who suffers from mental illness and is described as unable to show emotion. This lack of emotion is made evident with his tendency toward remaining silent, as well as his indifference towards his parents.

Kevin is often visited by what can either be described as a hallucination or his imaginary friend, Allan the Goose. When Allan shows up, things often go awry. The goose suggests ideas to Kevin that usually result in trouble for the boy but Kevin remains unaffected and even welcomes the negative consequences.

Anastasia and Percy are Kevin’s parents. Their relationship with each other is confrontational, although there are rare moments where they show affection towards one another. The vast majority of their time is spent scheming up new ways to reap the benefits of jobless lives that are fueled by greed and a cigarette habit that they have passed onto their son.

On many occasions the family’s penchant for breaking the law and leading unconventional lives leaves them in unfavorable situations. The same crazy antics that land them in these bad situations also turn out to somehow be their saving grace.

The Comedy Network
8 Seasons, 113 Episodes - Canceled
March 1, 1999
Adult Cartoon, Comedy
Kevin Spencer
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Kevin Spencer Full Episode Guide

  • Mom strokes out in a bar and dies, Percy slowly succumbs to necrotising fasciitis and Marty fails at suicide but dies anyway.

  • After stealing their neighbor's mail the Spencers stumble across an invitation to a high society black-tie and gown affair.

  • After getting caught practicing self-pleasure in a thug's house, Percy takes his family and flees to a ghost town to wait for the heat to die down.

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