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The Aviators television series is an educational and informational show, that shows the viewer what the world of flying looks like in every single detail. It goes into detail all the various aspects of the job of flying all types of aircraft. From small private propeller airplanes, up to and including the commercial jumbo jets. It also covers all military aircraft as well.

The Aviators series also investigates the training, language and job demands of the Air Traffic Controller. The various hosts of The Aviators series were Kurtis Arnold, Sara Rependa, Jeff Lewis and Raeleen Ranger. All these people are pilots of one form of aircraft or another. They are fully trained to explain to the viewers the entire world of flying, and surviving crashes.

On one episode the viewer was shown how to escape from an aircraft, which is upside down in the water. The language that pilots, and air traffic controllers use is explained in the show, so it doesn't sound like a complete foreign language. The viewer is actually taken inside the cockpit of all types of aircraft. The various types of military aircraft, and the pilots of these aircraft are put on display for the viewers.

The training and experiences that military pilots have to have, before they ever get into the cockpit of their aircraft is explained. The series also investigates how these planes are made. Even the private luxury jets, owned by millionaires, are looked at in detail in this series.

The series also looks deep into the world of aircraft mechanics, baggage handlers and stunt pilots. The Aviators series also interviews women and their experiences as aviators. The Air Force Blue Angels pilots are even interviewed. The show also interviews the announcer at stunt shows.

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  • We fly well above first class in the kind of super elite style experienced by only A-list celebrities, fortune 500 executives, and heads of state./You CAN get there from here, but how? Kurtis explains how pilots figure out which way to point their planes.

  • Tires are one of the most overlooked parts of an aircraft so we highlight the importance of a plane's rubber./Check out the view of Vancouver Harbour from the tallest air traffic control tower in the world./They say flying is safer than driving. We look at the incredibly tight processes that make that possible.

  • Surprise! Anthony gets an unexpected opportunity to fly a brand new turboprop-driven aircraft./3 jet engines, 48,000 horsepower, and over 350 miles per hour, this land-based vehicle puts competing airplanes to shame!

  • We showcase Rich Gibson, the man behind some of the most explosive airshow spectacles./Kurtis, Sara, and Anthony debate the merits of their favorite bomber planes.

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