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The Best in Australia is not about what to do in Australia, it is about two award winning chefs and the wonderful dishes they come up with. When an Aussie chef and an Irish chef come together, what do you get: a competition for the ages. Each chef has to compete in 2 challenges using the same main ingredient and theme for the dish. The judges are the deciding factor as to who wins and change each week as does the competitors. The competition can get heated in the kitchen as each chef competes to be The Best in Australia.

Wednesday 6:10 PM et/pt on LifeStyle FOOD
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes - Returning Series
October 25, 2016
Food, Family, How To
The Best In Australia
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The Best In Australia Full Episode Guide

  • The best leg of lamb dish and the best chocalote cake bake off.

  • The best smoked main and the best avocado dish.

  • The best 70's classic and the best Sunday roast.

  • The best Mediterranean peasant dish and the best veggie meal for meat eaters.

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