A Warm December

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A Warm December is a romantic comedy directed and starred in by Sidney Poitier. The film is set in London, England, and centers around a young widower, Dr. Matt Younger (Sidney Poitier), his daughter, Stephanie (Yvette Curtis), and a beautiful woman, Catherine (Ester Anderson). For her role as Catherine, Ester Anderson earned a NAACP Image Award in 1973.

Shortly after the death of his young wife, Dr. Younger takes his daughter to London to enjoy some dirt bike racing. The duo plan to stay in London for a months time, and just enjoy the countryside and each other.

In London, Dr. Younger meets a young woman, Catherine Oswandu. Catherine is beautiful, playful and instantly attracted to Dr. Younger. She also has many secrets. Thankfully, Dr. Younger returns Catherine's affection, and they gradually begin to date.

After the couple begin a relationship, Catherine tells Dr. Younger that she needs protection from a man who is following her. Later Dr. Younger finds out Catherine knows the man who is following her. In fact, she knows the man quite well. Dr. Younger also finds out that his love interest has a mysterious health condition and that she is the niece of a powerful African diplomat. However, whenever she becomes ill, she immediately goes home, so Dr. Younger does not know the specifics of her ailment.

Eventually, Dr. Younger learns all of Catherine's secrets, and must decide if he still wants to carry on a relationship with her. When Catherine learns Dr. Younger knows everything about her, she must determine whether she wants to live the way she has been, or allow Dr. Younger and Stephanie to be part of her new life, even if that means her new life will only be short-lived.

| 1973 | 1 hr 39 min | 6.0/10
Sidney Poitier, Ester Anderson, Yvette Curtis, George Baker
Sidney Poitier
A Warm December
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