Arch of Triumph

"The story of an outcast and a killer!"
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Arch of Triumph is a drama/romance film that was released in 1948. In the eve of the World War II breaking out between Germany and France, Paris is filled to the brim with illegal immigrants. One of these is a doctor who is obsessed with murdering his Nazi rival. However, the doctor instead illegally practices medicine, and ends up meeting with a woman who is dealing with the death of her former lover. The affair does not flourish, and the man finds himself coming closer and close to committing murder. Things come to a head when war is finally declared with Germany.

| 1948 | 2 hr | 6.4/10
Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer, Charles Laughton, Louis Calhern
Lewis Milestone
Produced By
David Lewis
Arch of Triumph
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