Blood and Sand

"His courage brought them together. Her desire tore them apart."

Blood and Sand is a 1989 film about having a dream and how it can change a person. A young man named Juan Gallardo has the dream of being a famous bull fighter and he brings along his friend along so that they can go together. As they train and get better, Gallardo's success turns around when the bull charges at him. His friend saves him, but at the sacrifice of himself. Gallardo has left their training there and meets a lady named Dona Sol. She is very rich and beautiful and even offers him a job. Despite this offer, he refuses and still has dreams of being a popular bull fighter. When Gallardo bids her farewell, her security guard tells him the name of a trainer he should visit. The trainer, Nacional, agrees to train him and he performs brilliantly and his popularity rises, which earns him the respect of his brother in law. Gallardo marries his girlfriend Carmen, but he realizes he likes Lady Dona Sol. As more time passes, he falls in love with her, but she is not interested. When Carmen goes to Dona Sol to talk about Gallardo, she shows her where Gallardo is hiding. Later that night, Gallardo goes to the bar and gets drunk with some girls. Despite his trainer's warnings about not focusing, he asks him to leave him alone. Later at a hotel with Dona Sol, Gallardo sees his opponent and punches him. After this, he realizes she has gone to the opponent's car. Gallardo does not focus at all, which leads his trainer to give up. Despite his apologies, Carmen does not give in. At the competition, Gallardo cannot control his bull, and his wife suddenly arrives. When he sees her, he gains courage and tricks the bull, but the bull charges its horns into Gallardo's stomach. After being rushed off to the hospital, Gallardo dies because of his puncture wound, and his opponent has won his bullfight.

| 1989 | 1 hr 53 min | 4.7/10
Javier Elorrieta
Blood and Sand

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