Bordertown is a dramatic film starring Antonio Banderas and Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez plays Lauren, an ambitious young reporter working for a Chicago newspaper. Lauren desperately wants to be a war correspondent for the paper but her boss has other ideas. He wants her to investigate the deaths of many women on the United States-Mexico border. These young women all worked at factories owned by American companies.

Eva is a one of the women who works at the factory. One night, she takes a bus home from work. Eva is the only person on the bus when the bus driver pulls over, claiming that he needs gas. He ends up attacking Eva with another man and raping her. The two men beat her so severely that they believe that she is dead. They end up burying her alive in the desert. Eva crawls her way out of the grave and tries to head back to town. By now, Lauren has arrived on the border. Her goal is to write such an excellent story that her boss will grant her wishes and send her to Iraq. When Lauren arrives at the border, she meets up with Diaz, who is an editor of the local newspaper. Lauren and Diaz have a past. Lauren also finds out about Eva and resolves to track down the two men who attacked her and left her for dead.

Lauren decides the best way to do this is to go undercover in one of the local factories. She arranges for police to follow her when she takes the same bus that Eva did. Lauren is assaulted by the bus driver but the police have messed up and are not following the bus. Eva is afraid and attempts to flee the country. She is caught and is persuaded to testify. Lauren’s paper refuses to publish her story so she decides to come work for Diaz’s paper.

| 2006 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.1/10
Maya Zapata, Irineo Alvarez, Rene Rivera, Jennifer Lopez
Gregory Nava
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Also starring Irineo Alvarez

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