"To find her son, she did what no one else dared."

Single mother Christine returns home one night to discover a mother's worse nightmare. Her nine year old son Walter is missing. The Reverend sides with calling out the LAPD on their incompetence and their corrupted policemen. Several months go by and the police inform Christine that her son has been found and he is alive. Believing it would give their force a good name once again the police make the reunion public. The boy who insists Walter is forced upon Christine when she states that he is not her son.

The office in charge of the juvenile division tells Christine to take him home on a trial basis to just get to take the boy in. When Christine returns to his office to tell him ab out the physical differences in this boy compared to the son he offers to send a doctor over to her home to exam the child.

When the doctor examines the boy he tells Christine that Walter's spine has shrunk due to trauma and that whoever had taken him had him circumcised. However Christine does not buy this. Christine then gets two letters by both Walter's dentist and teacher stating that the boy is in fact not Walter.

Christine takes her story to the police and in doing so she is sent by them to a psychiatric ward. While there she befriends someone who tells her that she is not the only one who has been sent there for standing against the police. After the women are freed due to being put in the psychiatric ward against their will one of the boys who had also be captured around the time Walter was is alive. He states he was with Walter and that Walter bravely saved him from where they were being held captive.

Though the boy did not have any idea as to whether Walter was indeed alive or not, Christine now has hope that her son could still be out there.

| 2008 | 2 hr 21 min | 7.8/10
Clint Eastwood

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