Butterfly on a Wheel

"Lives will be broken"
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From the outside looking in, the Randalls have an idyllic life. Good jobs, nice house, and a sweet, beautiful daughter. All that changes the day little Sophie is kidnapped. Neil and Abby are willing do anything to get their daughter back. They soon discover that they will have to. The kidnapper wants more than money - he wants to dismantle and destroy their lives. He leads them on a fear-filled perverted game of chase for twenty-four hours. The climax reveals a shocking twist. Everything is not as it seems...

| 2007 | | 6.7/10
Pierce Brosnan, Maria Bello, Gerard Butler, Emma Karwandy
Mike Barker
Produced By
William Vince, William Morrissey, Pierce Brosnan
Butterfly on a Wheel
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