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  • R
  • 1997
  • 1 hr 36 min
  • 4.2  (392)

Cupid is a 1997 horror movie directed by Doug Campbell. The film follows Dwight (Zach Galligan) and his girlfriend Stephanie (Ashley Laurence) as they prepare for a Valentine's Day party. When they visit a fortune teller named Madame Ruth (Mary Crosby), they accidentally release Cupid, an evil spirit who is determined to wreak havoc on the couple's relationship.

The film starts by introducing us to Dwight and Stephanie, who seem like the perfect couple. They are preparing for a Valentine's Day party and are excited about their future together. However, things take a turn for the worse when they visit Madame Ruth and accidentally release Cupid. From that point on, the couple begins to experience strange occurrences that threaten their relationship.

One of the strongest aspects of the movie is the chemistry between Galligan and Laurence. They both do an excellent job of bringing their characters to life and making us care about their relationship. There are several scenes where they display genuine emotion and vulnerability, which helps to ground the film in reality.

Another standout performance comes from Mary Crosby as Madame Ruth. She brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to the film and is instrumental in releasing Cupid. Her character is enigmatic, and we are never quite sure whether she is on the couple's side or not.

The movie's pacing is slow at times, which can be a bit frustrating. There are several scenes where not much happens, and it feels like the film is treading water. However, the film's final act more than makes up for any pacing issues. It is here where we see the full force of Cupid's wrath, and the film ramps up the tension to an almost unbearable level.

The special effects in Cupid are decent, although some of the practical effects are a bit cheesy. The film is from 1997, so it's not surprising that the effects don't hold up as well in 2021. However, the filmmakers do an excellent job of using shadow and light to create a sense of unease and dread.

The film's score is another high point. It's a mix of classical music and creepy sound effects that help to build the tension and add to the film's overall atmosphere. The music is never over the top or distracting, and it adds to the film's sense of foreboding.

Overall, Cupid is an enjoyable horror movie that is worth a watch. It's not a groundbreaking film by any means, but it's entertaining and creepy enough to keep you hooked until the end. The strong performances from the cast, the atmospheric music, and the decent special effects make this a movie worth checking out, especially for fans of '90s horror.

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