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  • 2007
  • 1 hr 18 min
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Dante's Inferno is a 2007 animated movie adapted from the classic epic poem, "The Divine Comedy," by Dante Alighieri. It is a visually stunning adaptation and takes the viewer on a journey through the nine circles of Hell in a surreal and powerful representation of the underworld. The film follows the journey of Dante, a poet who is taken on a terrifying journey through the depths of Hell by Virgil, his guide. As he descends deeper and deeper into the underworld, he encounters various sinners, each punished according to the severity of their earthly transgressions. From the first circle, where he encounters the unbaptized children, to the ninth circle, where betrayers are trapped in ice, Dante bears witness to the unspeakable horrors of sin and damnation.

What sets this movie apart from other adaptations is its humanization of the Hell-bound, highlighting the intense agony and regret that the sinners experience. The animation, specifically the design of the characters, captures this emotion perfectly, making it difficult not to feel empathy for even the most wicked of people.

Tony Abatemarco brilliantly voices Dante, capturing the poet's resolve and determination, while Scott Adsit's eerie portrayal of Virgil effectively captures the guide's calm, stoic demeanor. Several other notable voice actors round out the cast, including Matt Besser, H. Jon Benjamin, and Nick Offerman.

The film's musical score is equally impressive, and composer Christopher Tyng has created an atmospheric soundtrack that immerses the viewer in the terrifying underworld. The soundtrack combines tense orchestral pieces with otherworldly soundscapes to create an unsettling and immersive experience.

The animation style is unique and captivating, taking its inspiration from Gustave Dore's illustrations from the 1861 edition of "The Divine Comedy." The design of the characters is detailed and thought-provoking, with each character's torment accurately portrayed. The visually stunning design, combined with the haunting musical score, creates an overall experience that is both beautiful and terrifying.

Despite its subject material, Dante's Inferno is not without its moments of humor. The interactions between Dante and Virgil are often amusing, providing brief moments of levity in an otherwise dark and serious film. The humor serves as a necessary balance to the weighty themes addressed in the movie.

Overall, Dante's Inferno is a brilliantly executed adaptation of Dante's classic poem. The animation style and design, combined with an eerie musical score and strong voice acting, create an immersive and terrifying journey through the depths of Hell. The film's humanization of the sinners adds an emotional depth that is often missing from other adaptations of the story. Whether you are familiar with the poem or not, Dante's Inferno is a must-watch for anyone who appreciates powerful animation and storytelling.

Dante's Inferno
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