"Deliver them from evil."
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Deathwatch is a British horror film that was released on December 2002, distributed by the Lions Gate Entertainment. The film has a running time of 94 minutes. It is directed by Michael J. Bassett and includes stars such as Jamie Bell, Laurence Fox, Kris Marshall, Andy Serkis, Hugo Speer and Hugh O'Conor. The film is rated R for violence and language.

The film begins with British soldiers attacking German soldiers in a trench. In the morning a mist forms, making the soldiers believe it is a poisonous gas; however, they soon discover it is harmless. The soldiers begin venturing into the trench only to find that the more they travel into the unknown the more soldiers are lost. The soldiers question the German hostage but do not get the answer they seek. The film follows the story of the survival of the soldiers on their way to finding a way out of the trench.

| 2002 | 1 hr 34 min | 6.0/10
Jamie Bell, RúaidhrÑ Conroy, Mike Downey, Laurence Fox
Michael J. Bassett
Produced By
Mike Downey
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