Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder

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Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder is a 1981 war movie, It is set in the Vietnam War and is directed by Peter Werner. The script was written Paul G. Hensler a Vietnam veteran. Hensler wanted to expose the corruption and victims of war as well as the humanitarians who served in the war. The U.S Army supported the movie, but had mixed feelings about it. Dennis Christopher, Robert Englund and Susan Saint James star in the movie.

The plot centers around a soldier named Brian Anderson (Christopher). He is self-centered but ends up taking care of a group of orphans because of a promise that he made to a friend killed in action. At first he is irritated and annoyed by the orphans but eventually warms up to them. Don’t Cry, It’s Only Thunder gives an interesting twist to the typical Vietnam War movie genre.

| 1982 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.8/10
Dennis Christopher, Susan Saint James, Roger Aaron Brown, Robert Englund
Peter Werner
Produced By
Walt deFaria, Paul G. Hensler, Ken Karawai, Terry Ogisu, Shintaro Tsuji
Don't Cry, It's Only Thunder
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Also starring Dennis Christopher