Dorian Gray

"Forever Young. Forever Cursed."
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Oscar Wilde's classic: The Picture of Dorian Gray was scripted to become a dark classic come to life. Dorian, who is charming and polite, becomes a spoiled rich young man who takes advantage of everyone and everything. His handsome face and his quick-witted charm helped him to get the women, the money, the fame--everything that his heart desired. He is inspired to continue his debauchery by the executor of his inheritance, and convincingly sinful mentor, Lord Henry Wotton.

A talented and famous artist was commissioned to paint his picture so that he would be young forever on the surface of the canvas. But Dorian got much more than he paid for. Little did he know that a casual remark about staying youthful forever by giving his soul would be absorbed by the painting and carried forward for life.

The painting was blessed, or cursed. For every evil deed that Dorian would commit against others, he did not age, he did not get damaged, but his painting would. It decayed more and more with each sin committed.

Dorian hosted many parties where he would escort young women up to his chambers to do whatever he wanted to. He did not stop at young and single women, either. He wooed and took advantage of older beauties as well, just to shun them when he had his way with them.

When love opens his heart he becomes determined to keep the secret of the painting that exposes his sinful and horrid side. He moves it to the attic and covers it with a cloth. His past catches up with him, though. He is caught up in murder, and deceit. His painting shows each disgraceful act on the visage on the canvas. Dorian barely visits the attic to view the painting but when he does he is disgusted by his own image looking back at him--distorted, hideous, and beyond recognition.

Dorian Gray is rated R for nudity, violence, drug use, and sexual content.

| 2009 | 1 hr 52 min | 6.3/10
Ben Barnes, John Hollingworth, Cato Sandford, Pip Torrens
Oliver Parker
Produced By
Barnaby Thompson
Dorian Gray
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