Escape to Grizzly Mountain

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  • G
  • 2000
  • 1 hr 35 min
  • 5.8  (285)

Escape to Grizzly Mountain is a 2000 adventure movie directed by Anthony Dalesandro and starring Dan Haggerty, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Miko Hughes. The movie's plot revolves around two young boys, Brian and David, who get stranded in the wilderness of Grizzly Mountain during a camping trip with their dad. The boys must find their way back to civilization while avoiding danger from predatory animals and a group of dangerous poachers who are after a rare and endangered golden eagle.

The movie begins with the two brothers, Brian and David, excitedly preparing for a camping trip with their dad. They are avid outdoorsman who love to explore and spend time in nature. Their father, played by Dan Haggerty, is a rugged and experienced woodsman who shares his love for the wilderness with his children. During their camping trip, the boys stumble upon a pair of poachers who are hunting an endangered golden eagle for its valuable feathers. The poachers see the boys as a threat and decide to chase them down into the woods. As the boys flee, they become lost deep in the wilderness of Grizzly Mountain without any supplies or communication to reach their father.

Meanwhile, their father is unaware that his sons are in danger and continues to enjoy his trip. Jan-Michael Vincent plays a local ranger who is aware of the poachers' presence and suspects that the boys might be in danger. He sets out to find the boys and takes their father along with him, hoping to find them before it's too late.

As the boys navigate the hostile wilderness, they face several challenges, including encountering a bear and other dangerous animals. They also have to find shelter, water, and food to survive. The boys' resourcefulness and determination help them overcome these obstacles as they continue their journey towards safety.

At the same time, the poachers, led by Travis (played by Mitch Pileggi), are relentlessly after the boys as they believe the boys could identify them to the authorities. They are determined to silence the boys and the ranger before they can report the poachers' illegal activities. As the drama unfolds, the boys' father and the ranger close in on the poachers, who are intent on eliminating anyone who stands in their way.

Escape to Grizzly Mountain offers an exciting adventure into the wild that highlights human resilience and courage. The natural landscapes of Grizzly Mountain set the stage for a captivating survival story that involves a thrilling chase between the boys and poachers. The movie also explores themes of family, love, and trust, emphasizing the importance of staying together in the face of danger.

The actors deliver strong performances, particularly Haggerty, whose character epitomizes the rugged, outdoorsy father figure. Vincent's character adds depth to the movie, as he balances the tension between protecting the boys while handling the poachers. The young actors, Hughes and Jimmy Cain, are believable in their roles, displaying as much depth and range as the more experienced actors.

Escape to Grizzly Mountain offers a heart-pumping adventure that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Its emphasis on survival skills and natural resilience is a valuable lesson for all, and its upbeat ending pays off, making it a feel-good movie.

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