Evidence of Love

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Evidence of Love, also known as Killing in a Small Town, is a made-for-TV movie that depicts the real-life events surrounding a 1980 brutal murder. In the small, rural town of Wiley, Texas, housewife Peggy Blankenship is found murdered in her home. The death scene indicates a violent, bloody struggle with an ax, and police are perplexed, as there are no signs of burglary or rape, and the woman had no enemies.

Their investigation leads to a surprising suspect. Peggy's husband Stan (John Terry) has been having an affair with Candy Morrison (Barbara Hershey), a mild-mannered and married Sunday School teacher. Stan has a rock-solid alibi, but Candy begins to look like their number-one suspect. Once the police analyze the evidence, they have enough to charge her with murder. Her husband Dale (Richard Gilliland) and her children pull away from her, and she only has her defense counsel on her side.

Attorney Ed Reivers (Brian Dennehy) prepares his defense of Candy, basing it on an explanation of self-defense. Candy admits to killing Peggy but explains that she was fighting for her life. Peggy found out about the affair and asked Candy over to her house so that she could confront her when her husband was away. First, she angrily confronts Candy and then attacks her with an ax. Candy manages to grab the ax away and then kills Peggy. The case will be difficult to prove, but Reivers believes Candy's story and that she is deeply mentally troubled. Candy's history involves years and years of tolerating ill treatment, and that afternoon a lifetime of bottled-up rage erupted. The film follows the case from the crime to the conclusion of the court case. Barbara Hershey won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her performance.

| 1990 | 1 hr 33 min
Barbara Hershey, Brian Dennehy, John Terry
Stephen Gyllenhaal
Produced By
Courtney Pledger, Dan Witt
Evidence of Love
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