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  • 1939
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Fast and Loose, released in 1939, is a romantic comedy starring Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russell, and Reginald Owen. The story follows Joel Sloane (Robert Montgomery), a smooth-talking opportunist who runs a high-end sports car dealership with his girlfriend, Garda Sloane (Rosalind Russell). One day, Joel is hired by the wealthy and eccentric Mrs. E.R. Hunter (Horace Cooper), to find and purchase an extremely rare and valuable book, "The True Meaning of Cathleen V". Joel jumps at the opportunity, despite not having any knowledge or experience in book collecting.

Along the way, Joel meets a cast of quirky characters, including a rare book dealer, Mr. Dermott (Reginald Owen), who helps Joel in the search for the book. Joel also crosses paths with the charming and mysterious Lina Varsavina (Clifford Grey), who seems to have a hidden agenda in the book search. As Joel delves deeper into the world of book collecting, he finds himself entangled in a complex web of deceit, lies, and romance.

The chemistry between Montgomery and Russell is palpable, and their banter is witty and fast-paced. Montgomery plays the role of the smooth-talking, fast-driving Joel Sloane with ease, effortlessly switching between charm and deceit. Russell's Garda Sloane is strong-willed, intelligent, and not afraid to call out Joel on his BS. Their on-screen chemistry is delightful, and their verbal sparring adds to the movie's overall charm.

The supporting cast, including Reginald Owen and Horace Cooper, shines in their respective roles. Owen's Dermott is a rare book dealer with a heart of gold, who provides Joel with the knowledge and resources he needs to find the elusive book. Cooper's Mrs. Hunter is a wealthy and eccentric woman who has a penchant for rare books and an unlikely connection to the elusive "Cathleen V".

The plot of Fast and Loose is fast-paced and intricate, with twists and turns that keep the audience engaged. The search for the rare book takes Joel and Garda on a wild ride through New York City, from high-end hotels to dingy pawn shops. The movie also explores themes of greed, honesty, and love, with each character navigating their own motivations and agendas.

The movie's setting in 1939 New York City is beautifully captured, with stunning shots of the city skyline and bustling streets. The costumes and sets are also impressive, reflecting the glamour and sophistication of the time period.

Overall, Fast and Loose is a charming romantic comedy with a fast-paced plot, witty dialogue, and a talented cast. It's a delightful escape into an era of fast cars, rare books, and romantic entanglements.

Fast and Loose
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