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"1933 will be famed for one picture !"
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Hell Below is a 1933 film that portrays the drama, romance, and action of World War I in a unique and gripping way. Directed by Jack Conway, the film features an all-star cast including Robert Montgomery, Walter Huston, and Madge Evans. The movie opens with Commander Martin (Montgomery) of the British Royal Navy receiving orders to join a top-secret mission. Along with his crew, he sets sail in his submarine, the U-37, and meets Lieutenant Commander Matheson (Huston) of the American Navy, who is on a similar mission. Their mission is to locate and destroy a German battleship, the Brandenburg, which is causing havoc on the merchant ships in the Atlantic.

The two commanders plan to attack the Brandenburg independently, but their plans are thwarted by a series of challenges. As the U-37 and the American submarine approach the enemy ship, they encounter choppy waters, mechanical failures, and other obstacles that force them to improvise their plans.

The movie brilliantly captures the tension of submarine warfare during World War I. The crew members of the U-37 experience various obstacles during their mission, including a lack of oxygen, leaking fuel tanks, and enemy mines. We witness the claustrophobic environment in which the crew works and lives, with the threat of enemy torpedoes looming at all times.

The film also touches upon the romantic subplot involving Commander Martin and the nurse on the base, Anne (Evans). Their relationship is tested when Anne's fiancé, who is presumed dead, turns out to be alive and returns home. The subplot provides a human element to the story and highlights the sacrifices made by the families back home during the war.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the film is the realistic portrayal of the battles. The underwater footage of the submarines engaging with the enemy is both mesmerizing and thrilling. The film incorporates impressive special effects to simulate the torpedoes launched by the submarines and the explosions caused by the enemy fire.

The performances of the cast elevate the movie to another level. Robert Montgomery portrays Commander Martin with conviction and charisma, and Walter Huston brings a commanding presence to Lieutenant Commander Matheson. Madge Evans shines as Anne, the nurse torn between two men and her love for her country.

Despite being released in 1933, Hell Below holds up surprisingly well today. The film's themes of sacrifice, courage, and patriotism are universal and relevant even today. The movie is a fitting tribute to the men and women who served during World War I, and the sacrifices they made for their country.

Overall, Hell Below is a well-crafted, suspenseful, and entertaining film that captures the essence of submarine warfare during World War I. It is a must-watch for fans of war dramas and classic cinema.

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