First Love

"Fall Head over heals for surfing"
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A man named Vittorio is in search of a specific woman. This woman must be perfect in every single way, and he will not settle for anything less. Vittorio puts together an ad, and through this ad he meets a girl named Sonia. Sonia seems to be the one. However, Vittorio is not surprised with her one hundred and twenty-five pound. He believes she should be a lot skinnier.

Vittorio has an idea to physically burn the weight off of Sonia. Though Sonia is unwilling and afraid, she seems to like her moments of pain. This causes Vittorio and Sonia to fall deep in love.

Not Rated
| 2004 | 1 hr 40 min | 6.9/10 | 57/100
Michela Cescon, Vitaliano Trevisan, Roberto Comacchio, Alberto Re
Matteo Garrone
Produced By
Domenico Procacci
First Love
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Also directed by Matteo Garrone