First Love

First Love is from Ivan Turgeyev's book Erste Liebe. It was written by John Gould, Maximilian Schell, and Ivan Turgenev. It is directed by Maximilian Schell. It is about a young couple who lives in Russia. Sanaida is a 21 year old woman, and her lover is a 16 year old man named Alexander. Things go from good to bad for Sanaida and her lover. Sanaida meets the young man Alexander's father and falls in love with him. Maximilian Schell plays the young man's father. The actress Dominique Sanda plays Sanaida.

This movie is drama, romance and also can be categorized as part of the historical genre. John Moulder-Brown plays Alexander, Sanaida's lover. Valentina Cortese plays the mother. Marius Goring plays Doctor Lushin, Keith Bell plays Count Malevsky, Dandy Nichols plays Princess Zasekina, Richard Warwick plays Lt. Belovzorov, Johannes Schaaf plays Nirmatsky, and John Osborne plays Maidanov. Thomas Margulies, and Florian Lindinger also star in this movie.

| 1970 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.2/10
John Moulder-Brown, Dominique Sanda, Maximilian Schell, Valentina Cortese
VCI Entertainment
Maximilian Schell
First Love
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Also directed by Maximilian Schell

Also starring John Moulder-Brown