Fools' Parade

"Glory, W.Va., 1935. It wasn't exactly a parade. It wasn't a time for celebration. It was a time to run for your life."
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The film entitled Fools’ Parade is about the challenges and adventures of three ex convicts. The film starts when three guys are set free from detention in a jail in Glory. These men include Mattie who is a killer, Cottrill who is a bank robber and Johnny who is the youngest in the group. Johnny receives a huge sum of money as a reward for his hard work while in jail.

Captain Council accompanies the three ex convicts out of the city to the train city. Council however does not want Johnny to take all that money away. He decides to find a way of getting the money. He asks Steve and Kilfong to assist him in his mission. The three of them attack the train. While trying to catch the ex convicts, Kilfong mistakenly shoots Sizemore, who is a passenger on board the train. Council decides to murder the injured Sizemore and blames Johnny for it.

Council goes to meet his friend Homer. He tells him about the incident on the train. Johnny walks in with an explosive and threatens to explode it if they don’t cash his cheque. Homer unwillingly does the transaction and cashes Johnny’s cheque. After the transaction, the three ex convicts flee in different directions to make their capture difficult. They arrange where to assemble later. Cotrill meets a harlot known as Cleo. Cleo persuades him to join her in her boat and have a drink. Cotrill accepts and goes into the boat with her.

Later, Johnny and Mattie come to the boat. Council finds them but they manage to escape. They leave a suitcase with Cleo and lie to her it contains money, whereas it contains the explosive. However, Johnny becomes worried about what might happen to Cleo and they decide to go and rescue her from Council. They return to the boat and after a struggle, Council dies and the three ex convicts are set free.

| 1971 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.5/10
James Stewart, George Kennedy, Anne Baxter, Strother Martin
Andrew McLaglen
Produced By
Andrew McLaglen, James Lee Barrett (uncredited)
Fools' Parade
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