For Love of Ivy

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This romantic comedy focuses on the life and aspirations of one family's African-American maid named Ivy Moore. Ivy has been employed by the Austin family for many years but feels something is missing from her life. She announces her plans to shake up her life by quitting her long-time employment and applying to a school where she can be trained to become a secretary. The Austin's teenagers, Tim and Gina, are especially upset that Ivy plans to leave the family. So they concoct a plot to induce her to stay by introducing her to a sophisticated man named Jack Parks who has the funds available to romance her.

Parks is a reluctant suitor, but feels he must continue to date Ivy since Tim Austin has threatened to expose his illegal gambling operation otherwise. But Ivy soon learns the truth about why Parks has been hanging around the Austin home and ultimately makes a decision that surprises everybody, including herself.

| 1968 | 1 hr 41 min | 6.3/10
Sidney Poitier, Abbey Lincoln, Beau Bridges, Nan Martin
Daniel Mann
Produced By
Edgar J. Scherick, Jay Weston
For Love of Ivy
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