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"He is the law! what law?"
  • 1997
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 6.9  (4,585)

Forbidden City Cop is a 1996 Hong Kong action-comedy film directed by Vincent Kok and starring Stephen Chow as Ling Ling Fat, a bumbling imperial guard with a heart of gold who is tasked with investigating a conspiracy to assassinate the emperor during the Chinese New Year. The film is set in the Forbidden City in the year 1920, during the last days of the Qing Dynasty. Ling Ling Fat is a low-level guard who dreams of becoming a member of the imperial guards' elite unit, the Dragon Escort. He is mocked and ridiculed by his peers, who see him as a clumsy, incompetent fool. However, Ling Ling Fat's dedication to the job and his sincerity win over his superiors, who promote him to the Dragon Escort.

Meanwhile, a nefarious plot is afoot to assassinate the emperor at the upcoming New Year's celebration. The conspirators include Princess Tai Ping (Carina Lau), a member of the imperial family; Madame Wu (Carman Lee), a notorious criminal mastermind; and a group of foreign assassins hired to carry out the deed. Ling Ling Fat is assigned to the case and must use his wits and martial arts skills to thwart the conspirators and save the emperor.

Along the way, Ling Ling Fat encounters a number of colorful characters, including a love interest, Charmaine (Helen Law Lan), a brothel madam who helps him infiltrate Madame Wu's gang; and a former Dragon Escort member, Fatty (Lawrence Cheng), who becomes his ally in the fight against the assassins.

The film is a fast-paced blend of action, comedy, and romance, with Stephen Chow delivering his trademark comic shtick as the hapless hero who manages to save the day despite his bumbling ways. The action sequences are well choreographed and feature a mix of traditional Chinese martial arts and wirework, with Chow showcasing his acrobatic skills in several comedic fight scenes.

The comedy in Forbidden City Cop is both physical and verbal, with Chow's exaggerated facial expressions and slapstick humor generating laughs throughout the film. There are also plenty of cultural references and inside jokes that may be lost on Western audiences but add to the film's charm and appeal to Chinese audiences.

The romance subplot between Ling Ling Fat and Charmaine is sweet and understated, with their budding relationship providing a welcome respite from the action and comedy. Carina Lau shines as the conflicted Princess Tai Ping, torn between her loyalty to her family and her desire to do what is right. Carman Lee is equally impressive as the ruthless Madame Wu, who is determined to carry out the assassination plot at all costs.

Overall, Forbidden City Cop is a fun, entertaining film that showcases Stephen Chow's comedic talents and features plenty of action, romance, and humor. It is a classic example of Hong Kong cinema at its best and remains popular with audiences today.

Forbidden City Cop is a 1997 action movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 29 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.9.

Forbidden City Cop
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    1 hr 29 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (4,585)