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  • NR
  • 1993
  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 6.1  (51)

Geetanjali is a Bollywood movie released in 1993, directed by veteran director Jagdish Sharma. The movie stars the evergreen beauty of Bollywood Rekha, the versatile actor Jeetendra, and Vijay Arora in lead roles. The film was a romantic drama and featured some melodious songs that became quite popular at the time of its release. The story revolves around Geetanjali (Rekha), a young girl who stays with her mother and younger siblings. Her father had passed away and her mother worked as a maid in a wealthy businessman Jaswant Rai's (Jeetendra) house. Geetanjali was a beautiful and innocent girl who had a passion for singing. She was appreciated for her voice by everyone who listened to her.

Jaswant Rai, the male lead and a wealthy man, was a divorced man who had lost love in his life. He was a single parent to his two children, Karan and Payal. Jaswant Rai was a known womanizer and his friends always tried to hook him up with different women, but he didn't have any interest in them. One day, while on a jog, Jaswant heard Geetanjali singing and was attracted to her voice. He asked her to meet him so that he could hear her sing again.

Geetanjali initially declined Jaswant Rai's invitation, but her mother persuaded her to go and sing as it could be an opportunity for her. Geetanjali sang beautifully and Jaswant was smitten by her talent and beauty. He offered to be her mentor and Geetanjali accepted his offer. Jaswant started paying for Geetanjali’s music classes and even took her to concerts to introduce her to influential people in the music industry.

As time passed, Geetanjali's friendship with Jaswant grew and she started developing feelings for him. Jaswant, on the other hand, only saw her as a friend and didn't realize her feelings for him. Geetanjali's music career was going well but the relationship between Jaswant and Geetanjali hit a wall when he realized that his best friend, Ajit (Vijay Arora), was also in love with Geetanjali. Jaswant became insecure and started feeling jealous of Ajit.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Ajit tells Geetanjali that he is terminally ill and only has a few weeks to live. Geetanjali starts spending more time with Ajit and Jaswant Rai gets more jealous. In the meantime, Jaswant is also dealing with some personal issues regarding his ex-wife's attempt to take Karan and Payal away from him. On the other hand, Geetanjali is dealing with the fact that she might lose Ajit, who has become a close friend and confidant.

The climax of the movie is a dramatic turn of events. Whether Geetanjali's love for Jaswant Rai is one-sided, whether Jaswant can overcome feelings of jealousy and insecurity, and how Ajit's story concludes add to the surprising finish of the film.

Overall, Geetanjali is a movie that weaves together love, jealousy, friendship and drama quite skillfully. The strong performance by the lead actors, particularly by the legendary actress Rekha, helped make the film a hit upon release. The music of the movie, composed by Babul Bose and arranged by Uttam Singh, was also well-received, particularly the romantic songs such as "Kehte Hain Isse Pyaar" and "Tere Bina Jiya Jaaye Na". The film successfully managed to balance the storyline with emotions, and still stands a classic for audiences.

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