Girl 6

"A fresh, sassy and sexy comedy!"
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The basic idea of the movie, Girl 6, is that it's about an up and coming actress that wants to make it as a big movie star. Her name is Judy. She is trying to her big break in New York City. She goes to an audition, but she finds the situation to be awkward. She complies with the instructions that are given to her, but soon it becomes too much for her to handle. When the situation becomes unbearable for her, she ends up walking out of the audition.

Judy's agent is not happy with her for walking out because the movie is being directed by a prestigious director. Her agent is furious, and ends up dropping her from his rooster. She is no longer his client. Judy's acting coach also doesn't understand why she walked out of the audition. Since Judy has not paid her rent in a long time, the acting coach decides to drop her from the rooster. She tries to advertise herself as an actress in several ways, but she's unsuccessful.

She takes a job as an extra on a movie set; however, she doesn't like the job because it's cold. When she ends up catching a cold, she starts to look for new work. Judy finds a job in the paper as a phone sex operator. Judy sees is as more money in her pocket. Judy can't find many acting jobs, so she decides to become a phone sex operator. She has to take this job, so she can pay all of her household bills.

When she takes this job, she discovers a lot about herself. This respective comedy is rated "R." The directors of the movie are: Spike Lee and Jason Lampkin. Girl 6 is played Theresa Randle.

| 1996 | 1 hr 48 min | 5.1/10 | 44/100
Theresa Randle, Isaiah Washington, Spike Lee, Jenifer Lewis
40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks
Spike Lee
Produced By
Spike Lee
Girl 6
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