Green Street 3: Never Back Down

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  • R
  • 2013
  • 1 hr 34 min
  • 5.2  (5,775)

Green Street 3: Never Back Down is a hard-hitting sports drama that tells the story of Danny Harvey (Scott Adkins), a former football hooligan who is forced to return to the world of violence and brutality when his younger brother is killed in a gang fight. Set in the gritty streets of London, the movie follows Danny as he navigates the dangerous world of underground football hooliganism in a bid to seek revenge for his brother's death.

The movie opens with Danny returning to London after spending several years in prison for his involvement in a violent football hooligan brawl. Upon his release, Danny discovers that his younger brother Joey (Billy Cook) has become embroiled in the same world of violence and danger that led to his own downfall. Despite his best efforts to turn Joey away from the dangerous path he has chosen, Danny is unable to dissuade him from joining a ruthless gang of hooligans known as the Millwall Elite.

Things take a turn for the worse when Joey is brutally beaten to death by a rival gang during a football match. Devastated by his brother's death and consumed with rage, Danny decides to take matters into his own hands and seeks revenge against the gang responsible for his brother's murder.

To accomplish his goal, Danny must infiltrate the Millwall Elite and earn the trust of its leader, John (Jack Doolan), who is believed to be behind Joey's killing. Danny's path to revenge is paved with numerous obstacles, including violent clashes with rival gangs, police raids, and internal power struggles within the Millwall Elite.

Along the way, Danny meets a young woman named Molly (Kacey Clarke), who provides him with valuable information and support in his quest for vengeance. Together, they uncover a web of deceit and betrayal that goes all the way to the top of the powerful football hooligan underworld.

Green Street 3: Never Back Down features intense fight sequences and realistic depictions of the violent world of football hooliganism. The movie is punctuated by dramatic moments of tension and suspense, as Danny navigates the treacherous path of revenge and betrayal.

Scott Adkins delivers a convincing portrayal of Danny, a man driven to the edge by his grief and rage. Kacey Clarke is equally impressive as Molly, a woman who is not afraid to stand up to the violent and dangerous men that dominate this brutal world.

Joey Ansah, who also serves as the movie's fight choreographer, delivers some of the most dynamic fight scenes in recent memory. His work is complemented by impressive performances from the rest of the cast, including Jack Doolan, who lends a sense of menace and intensity to his role as the leader of the Millwall Elite.

Overall, Green Street 3: Never Back Down is a riveting sports drama that is sure to appeal to fans of gritty crime thrillers and action-packed fight sequences. It is a movie that pulls no punches, offering a disturbing and realistic look at the world of football hooliganism, while also delivering a powerful message about the consequences of violence and the destructive effects of revenge.

Green Street 3: Never Back Down
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