Happy Birthday, Wanda June

"Happy Birthday, Wanda June" is a black comedy about a big game hunter who returns from the jungle, after being missing so long he's presumed to be dead. He finds his wife has changed, his son has grown up into someone he doesn't recognize, and there's a birthday cake on the table with "Happy Birthday, Wanda June" written in frosting. He has no idea who Wanda June is. The screenplay is by Kurt Vonnegut, based on his play of the same name. Rod Steiger plays the hunter, Susannah York his wife, and Pamelyn Ferdin plays the eponymous Wanda June.

| 1971 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.1/10
Rod Steiger, Susannah York, George Grizzard, Don Murray
Mark Robson
Happy Birthday, Wanda June
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