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  • PG
  • 1986
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 6.1  (593)

Heavenly Pursuits is a highly enjoyable and thought-provoking British comedy from 1986, directed by Charles Gormley and starring the talented Tom Conti, Helen Mirren, and David Hayman. The film is set in a Scottish high school where Conti plays the role of Reverend Charles Fortescue, a highly dedicated teacher of divinity, who is always looking to inspire and challenge his students to think outside their comfort zones. Despite his best intentions, he finds himself constantly clashing with the school's superintendent, who wants to maintain the status quo.

One day, the Reverend Fortescue decides that he wants to bring a touch of magic into his students' lives, and he starts to teach them ballroom dancing. As he continues to practice his elaborate routines, he becomes obsessed with winning the Scottish National Ballroom Dancing Championships. At the same time, he also begins to find himself drawn to the school's quirky and unpredictable English teacher, Alice Neville (Helen Mirren).

As the Reverend's obsession with the dancing competition grows, we see his relationships become more complex and deeply intertwined. The principal, played by David Hayman, becomes quite jealous of the attention that Fortescue is showering on his students and accuses him of neglecting his pastoral duties. This tension between the two characters is a central theme of the movie and provides much of the drama, as they are forced to work together and confront each other's beliefs and ideologies.

Despite facing a number of obstacles on his quest, including ridicule from his colleagues and skepticism from his students, the Reverend Fortescue perseveres, believing that the pure joy of dancing can help to break down barriers and transform lives. Along the way, he and Alice, both of whom had initially been quite reserved and closed-off, begin to open up to each other and share their deepest feelings and desires. But as the competition draws nearer and personal relationships become more complicated, the question remains whether or not they will continue to pursue their dreams or cast them aside for the sake of duty.

The film is filled with hilarious moments and witty dialogue that add to the overall charm of the story. The performances by the lead actors are extremely well done, with Tom Conti being particularly outstanding in his role as the earnest and enthusiastic Reverend Fortescue. Helen Mirren is also fantastic as Alice Neville, bringing an air of mystery and intrigue to her character.

Overall, Heavenly Pursuits is a delightful and uplifting film that leaves viewers feeling inspired and uplifted. The story's themes of love, redemption, and the transformative power of dance are timeless, and the characters are both relatable and endearing. It's definitely worth checking out for anyone looking for a lighthearted, feel-good comedy that still manages to pack an emotional punch.

Heavenly Pursuits
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