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"Horrid Henry finds himself doing things he never ever thought he'd do, and then some."

Horrid Henry's dreams of rock stardom and warring with little brother Perfect Peter get in the way of his homework and cause him all sorts of trouble. Miss Battle-Axe sends him off to detention. Henry learns that his school is to be closed, with Vic Van Wrinkle, headmaster of Brick House, planning to make a fortune from the surge in student enrollment. With help from Moody Margaret and Sour Susan, Henry plans to save his school. Henry first enters a talent show with his band Zero Zombies. When Ed Banger and his Killer Boy Rats are watching the show, Soggy Sid tries to ruin the gig, but Margaret and friend stop Sid, allowing Henry's band to win the contest.

Despondent, Henry is called to his fort. There, Margaret and Peter explain that he's been invited to a contest with a cash prize for the winner. After a few challenges, the presenters show Henry toys from the Confiscated Cupboard but Henry demands the cash prize. The presenters explain that he has to overcome a "Terrible Teacher," revealed as Miss Battle-Axe. Battle-Axe asks him to spell a word which Henry had difficulty with earlier in the film. However, Henry overcomes the challenge with Battle-Axe congratulating him and personally awarding the cash prize to him.

Elsewhere, Vic Van Wrinkle has Miss Lovely and Henry's held hostage in his office. Miss Lovely tricks him into explaining the plan when she has her mobile out, allowing principle Oddbod to overhear and stop writing the contract. As he hears the sirens of police, Vic tries to escape but falls out of a window; his shoelaces had been tied by Henry's friend Peter. Henry and Margaret rush to Miss Oddbod, but it turns out the money isn't necessary with the contract unfinished. The money is then set aside for a massive party.

The film ends with Henry rushing forward, leaving his 'Purple Hand Gang' mark on screen.

| 2011 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.5/10
Theo Stevenson, Richard E. Grant, Parminder Nagra, Mathew Horne
Novel Entertainment
Nick Moore
Produced By
Allan Niblo, Rupert Preston, Mike Watts, Lucinda Whiteley

Also directed by Nick Moore

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